In CS:GO, Valve has fixed a controversial smoke issue

In CS:GO, Valve has fixed a controversial smoke issue ...

Valve has fixed the highly controversial smoke grenade bug in CS:GO that recently resurfaced at the PGL Antwerp Major.

m0NESY used his smoke to match the T-side to make his opponent visible while remaining invisible to them.

PGL officially permitted participants at the event on Sunday, May 15, to use the bug, but with the intervention of CSPPA, all teams agreed not to use it.

Today''s release notes for today. A recently reported smoke bug has been fixed, and you''ll know it:

PGL, which allowed teams in the Major to freely use the exploit, sparked a stir in the community, with many professional players stating that it may be used on other maps. This would have ruined competitive integrity at the event if the CSPPA didnt intervene in and find a solution.

The PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major continues today, with the first matches starting at 5am CT. Three additional teams will advance to the Champions Stage, and three others will return home. Here''s how to read all of the standings, scores, and schedule.