Fans share obscure children's games they played when they were younger

Fans share obscure children's games they played when they were younger ...

It''s unlikely that you''ll spend the day relaxing and feeling like you''re the only person in the world playing it. Even the most obscure games are known as Fall, which have a community and a following. However, if you''re over the age of 25, there are a number of weird games you probably don''t know.

A friend of ResetEra has started a thread on the site, sharing a few obscure games they played years ago to get the ball rolling. They played an Activision game called Rodney''s Funscreen, which looks like a very basic version of The Sims where you can only be Rodney, and a PC game called Lenny''s Music Toons.

Almost 200 people have responded to this post, but some have discovered that they weren''t the only ones playing certain games years ago. Quite a few people have now posted about a little-known NES game called Little Nemo: The Dream Master, so perhaps it''s not as obscure as a pick.

Quite a number of PC games that people have shared are simple point and clicks, but also quite a few educational games that you don''t see much of today. Even today, Tooth Invaders is ripe for the remake treatment, though. The 1982 Commodore 64 game appears to be to you with protecting and cleaning someone''s teeth, which is the perfect foundation for an entire game.

Even if basic games were more common these days 30 or 40 years ago, and most of the selections are from PC or older consoles, there are a few entries from more recent systems. Pocket Bomberman on the Game Boy Color, for example. If you''ve ever played any of the weird and wonderful games mentioned above, or your memory has been jogged, and you may check out the thread and see if anyone was involved in them.