On soap, Emmerdale star Rosie Bentham talks Gabby Thomas's future

On soap, Emmerdale star Rosie Bentham talks Gabby Thomas's future ...

Gabby Thomas of Emmerdale has been at the forefront of several of the soap''s recent flash-forward scenes, so it makes sense that Rosie Bentham is thinking about her future on the show.

Rosie, who appeared on the Dales back in 2016, has admitted that she does not have ambitions beyond Emmerdale, but that for the time being, she is still put on hold.

"It''s so depressing," recalled Jenna Coleman''s childhood, when she was 15-16 like me, in the Thomas family, and now look at her," she said of her. "It''s so good to see Jenna Coleman as a kid," she said of the show.

"She''s exceling, so I''d love to go down that path," she said. "Emmerdale helped her so much and she loved it, and that''s where I''m at right now. That''s my goal."

Rosie has revealed yet that she hasn''t had any intentions of farewell to the village yet.

"At the moment I am good," she said. "I am happy, Gabby Thomas is growing. [I''m] very pleased with my position."

Rosie is aiming to have a legacy for Gabby Thomas. "People come up to me on the street and they say you''re going to be the new Kim Tate and I say, ''Yes, I am!'' she said.

"I hope she never moves out of Home Farm," says Kim Tate, who is a fan of being a little mini.

Let''s hope that Gabby''s concerns about a return for Jamie Tate aren''t revealed yet.

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