All of the BESTie members and their roles

All of the BESTie members and their roles ...

BESTie was a four-member K-pop group formed by YNB Entertainment in 2013 with members: U.JI, Dahye, Hyeyeon, and Haeryung. The group debuted with the single Pitapat, which was a huge success at the time of its release. They were also awarded the 2015 Next Generation Award at the prestigious Golden Disc Awards in South Korea. A year after their release, BESTie released their first mini-album, called Hot Baby.

The success of the groups was limited, as two members, the U.JI and Dahye, terminated their contracts with YNB Entertainment in late 2017, attempting to pursue solo careers. By October 2018, it was announced that Hyeyeon had also terminated her contract with the company, signed as a solo artist, as a result of other companies. Without any official disclosure, the group was dissolved in 2018.

The music of BESTie continues to flow via music streaming platforms, and the group maintains a loyal fan base. Here are four of the group''s four talented people.

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Kang Hyeyeon was the lead vocalist and vocalist of the group on December 8, 1990. She also went under the stage name Dami. After leaving YNB Entertainment in 2018, she signed with Star Entertainment as a solo artist, making her debut in November 2018.

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Na Haeryung, who lives in Seoul, was born on November 11, 1994 and was the lead dancer as well as the face of the group. In 2012, she debuted with the girl group EXID, but she was left a year after losing BESTie. She continued to work in several popular Korean dramas, including My Lovely Girl, My Minds Flower Rain, and The Universes Star.

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Jung Yuji was born on January 2, 1991 and was the second main vocalist and dancer of the group. In 2012, Yuji toured the country in Seoul, but was left shortly after to concentrate on her studies. After receiving a contract with BESTie, Yuji ended her contract with YNB Entertainment in September 2017 and signed with Curo Holdings, then World Star Entertainment in 2021. She made her solo debut in 2015 with the song Love Letter.

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Song Dahye was born on June 12, 1993 and was the main rapper in the group. Dahye was a trainee under SM Entertainment before signing and debuting under YNB Entertainment. In 2017, she ended her contract and made her solo debut with the same name as Poison. The song was a remake of the Uhm Junghwas song of the same name.