One Piece: Why Charlotte Katakuri Is More Important Than Fans

One Piece: Why Charlotte Katakuri Is More Important Than Fans ...

Fans of One Piece''s Whole Cake Island marveled at a variety of exciting scenes from a Yonko in Big Mom to the powerful assassins of the Vinsmoke Family and then the underworld agents of the world. The narrative was packed with breathtaking action, with the terrifying forces of the One Piece world in full display as a fight between the Straw Hat Pirates, the force of science in Germa, and the might of a Yonko crew.

One could argue that none of the participants in the Whole Cake Island film showed out nearly as much as the second son of Charlotte and the man known to be a perfectionist Charlotte Katakuri.

Katakuri''s Stand Among the Yonko Commanders

Charlotte Katakuri, the three most powerful generals of the Big Mom Pirates, was introduced to the fans as the leader of the Sweet Commanders. Despite Big Mom being much stronger than him, as is expected of a Yonko, Katakuri is the head of the Big Mom Pirates, who is equally adept in his abilities and has mastered all of them. After years of training, Katakuri became the greatest self-defeated character in combat.

Katakuri is clearly seen among all of the Big Mom Pirates'' Yonko Commanders in the One Piece series, although Oda made it clear that he has much more to offer in the future. To date, he is the only character with this class of Devil Fruit, which already makes him quite unique, although Oda did not come there.

Katakuri''s Haki is incredibly refined. He is yet to the point where he is the only Yonko Commander capable of reaching heights. Katakuri''s Armament Haki is at an advanced level, while his Observation Haki allows him to see the future itself. What''s even more shocking is that Katakuri has the spirit of a conqueror.

Only Katakuri and Roronoa Zoro have this ability in the story, which is unprecedented because only Katakuri and Roronoa Zoro are identified as among the most significant right-hand men in the story.

Eiichiro Oda recommended Katakuri with a awakened Devil Fruit, something even Big Mom didn''t seem to possess. Katakuri is one of the only five characters in the series to have awakened his powers. All this adds to him being a bigger role in the future of the story. After all, Oda is clearly dividing him from the other Yonko Commanders in the One Piece universe and establishing him as special.

The Role of Charlotte Katakuri in One Piece''s Future

Given how special Katakuri is, it isn''t a surprise that he has enormous potential in the bag to grow even stronger. With Big Mom''s death, the crew could be led by Katakuri in the future of the story. There is no doubt that he has huge ambitions and for him to succeed as the next captain of the Big Mom Pirates.

Katakuri is a direct competitor of Luffy and although he is far more weak than him right now, he may play a huge role in the future of the series, as well as strengthen his abilities. Katakuri, in the same way, was ecstatic by Luffy''s defeat of his burden of being the perfect big brother during the whole Cake Island arc. Katakuri, however, has decided to overcome his difficulties in succeeding and becoming the Pirate King.

Interestingly, as SSG and the World Government pursue a Great Cleansing, it wouldn''t be a stretch to say that pirate alliances will need to be formed. Katakuri, given how special Oda has made Katakuri and how Big Mom has grown into a great liaison to Luffy in the near future. It''s apparent that big things await the billion berri man in the future of the story.