What to Expect From Chapter 1050 of One Piece

What to Expect From Chapter 1050 of One Piece ...

Fans got to see Kaido''s flashback as he joined forces with Rocks and fled the country for the sake of good. Eventually, Kaido became the "Embodiment of Strength," and made a lot of a difference.

As Wano was finally discharged from his and Orochi''s clutches, the chapter also clarified that he was awaiting Joy Boy to come and defeat him for the good. Chapter 1049 finally granted all his wishes to him, and he eventually lost to Joy Boy. With that, all eyes are on One Piece 1050, which might be crucial in shaping the conclusion of the film.

One Piece 1050: What To Expect

The opening of One Piece 1050 will be the beginning of the story for the Wano Country arc. Though quite a lot of fans anticipate that such a fight will take place in an Awakened Devil Fruit state. Kaido''s defense has concluded for good, and the Yonko has completely eliminated, according to his Flame Clouds completely disappearing from underneath Onigashima. This is another one of the finishers who is enthusiastic about the game. The conclusion of the Fire Festival, the messages across the Sky

Fans can now look forward to the postwar revelations. Although Luffy vs Yonko Kaido hasn''t reached Wano yet. It is highly probable that the sun will rise above the Land of Wano in the next chapter and mark the coming of a new age for the country. The gates of Wano Country are expected to finally open, fulfilling the 20-year promise of the Red Scabbards to Kozuki Oden.

One Piece 1050: The Aftermath Of The War

While Luffy defeated Kaido, it''s quite probable that fans will see the alliance treat the injured, and that the Straw Hat Pirates will contact their captain. Besides, the focus will likely shift to the outside of Onigashima, where the World Government ships await the order from the Gorosei to seize the country. However, this situation may cause serious depreciation.

One Piece 1050 will likely receive a triumphant happiness from the alliance and, finally, the citizens of Wano once the dawn comes to the country. More than anything, the chapter is expected to pack an emotional punch and demonstrate how the suffering of 20 years that the people of Wano suffered is finally over. However, for the next chapter and a few more to follow, it is likely that the tone will quickly change, if the World Government makes their move on the country.

When Will One Piece 1050 Release?

Oda deserves his break after finishing up the stunning fight against Kaido. The film will finally be heading into the final stages of the arc on May 29, 2022. The chapter can be seen on MangaPlus or the Shonen Jump app for free.