8 Things About Diablo 3 That Have Expanded

8 Things About Diablo 3 That Have Expanded ...

Diablo is one of Blizzard''s most prominent titles, but with Diablo 3 now on its 10th anniversary, it''s safe to say that the third Diablo game is still going strong and relevant. Either game is a testament to Blizzard''s skill, with Diablo 3 waving the flag high as always.

As it turns out, killing the Prime Evils and their minions never gets old. But beneath that simple assumption is a decade of innovation and mastery, as well as community feedback which shaped Diablo 3 into what it is today. So it''s very time to look back at what keeps drawing the players to the world of Sanctuary and what makes them stay awhile and listen at least.

8 Leagues

The Leagues is, of course, the main focus of Diablo 3 that keeps reeling in both old and new players. These are quarterly events that encourage players to start fresh with a new character and rush to the endgame or max-level gameplay in order to get League-specific rewards.

These League rewards are usually cosmetic, but simply wearing them alone is a sign of a player''s effort and veterancy, which gives them respect from the community. There''s also the possibility that Leagues also introduce new unique or set items to shake the meta and make restarting more exciting. Diablo 3.

7 Class Builds

While Diablo 3''s class diversity and complexity are enormously different from its predecessor, it still allows for some impressive combinations that shape the meta. At the same time, the components in Diablo 3 have been reduced so that it does not intimidate novices and newcomers to the franchise.

Diablo 3 is more beneficial to the general public due to this sort of balancing. Despite their wealth of knowledge in gameplay, they continue to add to every league as a whole.

6 Smooth Gameplay

The ease of gameplay is the key to Diablo 3''s success compared to its predecessors. Gone are the days when the latest Diablo game will tax players with carpal tunnel syndrome due to its archaic mechanics and animation schemes. Diablo 3 is as smooth as butter when it comes to action and presentation.

The gameplay is complex and powerful, where every hit can be heard, and no attacks remain unannounced or unnoticed. Even low-level gameplay, Diablo 3''s modular class builds allow players to experiment with many wacky or outrageous playstyles; the best part is that they can ease into this with relatively little investment.

5 Loot & Rewards

When it comes to presenting its players with loot, Diablo 3 is based on a different logic (though it is less troublesome to collect).

In the short term, this approach feels more gratifying as players develop a sense of accomplishment within a limited time frame. Players may jump in for 10 to 15 minutes and still come out feeling relieved. As mentioned above, the League rewards are among the most generous out of all Diablo games; if they want, players may even add the quick dopamine fix to the reward pile.

4 Paragon System

There''s still a lot to do for progress following reaching the max level in the old Diablo games and even in other isometric ARPGs. Diablo 3 shook this tradition by introducing the Paragon system or levels. This auxiliary level bar that players can keep progress adds to the character development.

As part of the Paragon level, players may use a new character icon to indicate their Paragon level. Again, this provides additional motivation for players to keep playing beyond the usual stopping point for many other isometric ARPGs. Diablo 3 would not have maintained its veteran players the same way it would today if it weren''t for the Paragon system.

3 Transmogrification

When Transmogrification was introduced, one way to keep gamers happy. It''s all about that bling for many RPG gamers as these can be a status symbol or a mere show of the player''s creative and artistic side.

It''s a huge import from World of Warcraft, but it didn''t make much sense in Diablo 3 because it meant that players no longer have to sacrifice style for substance. Both can be achieved by simply substituing weapon and armor models for a small fee. Many RPG players wish their favored RPGs have this system (hence the mods).

2 Greater Rifts

Diablo 3''s endgame has become more stale or repetitive (at least when it comes to improved gameplay). In other ARPGs, players are confined to grinding areas they visited and killing enemies they''ve already killed in the main quest.

Greater Rifts are different as they present harsher, more dangerous, and fresher gnarled faces to slay. Diablo 3 is an endgame challenge that will also test the most talented min-maxers and theorycrafters, and that is, for everybody, that''s one of the reasons why it has lasted as long as it did.

1 Casual-Friendliness

One of Diablo 3''s greatest strengths since its release was its improved gameplay capabilities and improved quality-of-life. This is a game in which players don''t have to worry about missing respec tokens or navigating their build. The impact of this simplicity in the endgame is very positive, as players who want to try out a new League or a new build will not have to try too hard if they want a change of scenery.

In addition, even experienced players may just complete a Greater Rift rush in a few minutes, and yield valuable rewards before signing out. Diablo 3 is a lot helpful to its players and it''s a friendly, low-maintenance guide that everybody keeps checking out every so often.

Diablo 3 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.