Another Crab's Treasure is the First Silly Soulslike

Another Crab's Treasure is the First Silly Soulslike ...

It''s difficult to get away from the term Soulslike in gaming; titles inspired by FromSoftware''s Soulsborne games have evolved into quite regular versions in the last few years. However, some may argue that the term is biased towards games that only have a similar aesthetic to those of Hidetaka Miyazaki''s dark and often fantastic scenes. However, certain titles may not have any other similarities to FromSoftware''s popular titles. However, some games may not modify the formulation of a Soulslike to perfection and

The indie developer released its next video from the Nintendo Indie World livestream earlier this month, giving gamers a sneak peek at the gameplay and the somewhat unexpected but undoubtedly adorable "crab-themed Soulslike." While some have seen the basics of the genre in interesting and intriguing ways, Another Crab''s Treasure seems to be the first to offer an undoubtedly infectious sense of silliness.

The Souls Formula

There is still a debate about what constitutes a Soulslike, with some arguing that it is a term that outlines a small mix of gameplay elements and isn''t a genre. However, general consensus is that a Soulslike is a game changer that requires gamers to learn enemy attack patterns. There are a few additional features as well, and each game usually adds its own particular flair to make it distinct.

Another Crab''s Treasure brings the Soulslike formula to an underwater world in depreciation. In this video, players will need to collect the various human detritus that has been down to the seabed as shells to help protect Kril from enemy attacks. Kril is on a mission to acquire their repossessed shell, and along the way, players will uncover the dark secrets at the core of the ocean''s corruption (or, in this words, "dismantle crabitalism.") However,

A Whole New Take

The Underwater setting and the crab protagonist aside, Another Crab''s Treasure is attempting to reimagine the Soulslike form while removing it from its colorful backgrounds. Players must keep their tenacious crustacean clean while learning how to use it to combat the bigger (and more painful) adversaries they''ll encounter, according to them. This self-described "Shellslike" is generally more accessible than some of its challenging men, with the aim of slowing down the pace and a variety of approaches for

Another Crab''s Treasure is putting off a seemingly unsavory game, with its Soulslike-inspired combat, a diverse underwater world to explore, and a large number of adversaries to defeat. Despite the fact that other titles have taken the form in some somewhat less aggressive ways, like The Last Hero of Nostalgaia. Instead of creepy castles, poisonous swamps, and decrepit structures, Another Crab''s Treasure has coral reefs, sunlit stretches of sand,

It''s still a long list of crabs and cartoonish creatures. Another Crab''s Treasure investigates a society that is on the verge of collapse due to a mysterious insect called the Gunk, which destroys the entire ocean thanks to the trash that litters the seabed. Another Crab''s Treasure, however, is a similar nuanced look at societal issues, which includes a colorful outer layer and fun designs to function as a tonic to the darker Soulslikes that players are expected

Another Crab''s Treasure will be released on Nintendo Switch in 2023.