The Next One To Arrive in Taika Waititi's Star Wars Movie

The Next One To Arrive in Taika Waititi's Star Wars Movie ...

Taika Waititi may not be accused of lying on his laurels in the MCU, but he''s also planning to enter the Star Wars universe, and it appears that his effort might be the next in the series to air.

Waititi is a bit busy these days. In addition to finishing touches on Love and Thunder in the last few months, he''s also been working on our Flag Means Death, a still-untitled Star Wars film. It''s likely that the famed filmmaker''s project might be the next Star Wars movie to be released.

The first cover story for Vanity Fair was drafted. The company, according to the president, is likely to move Waititi''s project to the front of the line. It also appears that it may remain for a while longer than Star Wars fans are familiar with seeing.

Kennedy reveals that Star Wars films will not be dismissed at the "relentless cadence" that the franchise has been developed in recent years. While Waititi''s film is likely to be released first, Rogue Squadron from Wonder Woman is likely to be coming second, although it will be a way off. Production on Rogue Squadron has stalled because of unexpected differences.

Because it appears that Lucasfilm is starting to slow down, and the fact that Waititi and Jenkins'' films will be the next up, it appears like Rian Johnson''s trilogy, which was originally published years ago, has officially been "back burnered." Kennedy blamed the fact that Johnson is so busy developing his Knives Out franchise as one of the major reasons why it will be well off in the future if it arrives at all.

While the Star Wars adaptation of Love and Thunder is next up in the market, it''s not clear what the theme is as far as release dates go. For the moment, Waititi is still drafting whatever the next film will be, but Lucasfilm has not stated when fans will see the finished product.

The Star Wars saga is now available on Disney Plus.