A Dark Souls fan recreates knight artorias in clay

A Dark Souls fan recreates knight artorias in clay ...

Dark Souls has become one of the most sought-after games in FromSoftwares. Renowned as one of the best games of the past decade, Dark Souls continues to inspire fans and artists with its gloomy locations and unique characters. In a recent YouTube video, sculptor BerserkRevanant created an impressive clay model of the imposing Knight Artorias, and fans can see the journey from start to finish.

The Artorias of the Abyss'' DLC is often described as one of the most heartbreaking of Dark Souls, and it also has a fan-favorite narrative. While Artorias is already dead for thousands of years, the Chosen Undead gets the opportunity to travel back in the game back in the game, where the player confronts the abyss'' corrupt force, which he lost while protecting his loyal companion, Great Grey Wolf Sif, before being taken off by

Fans adore Artorias and often display him as the centerpiece of Dark Souls artwork. Through the video, BerserkRevenant walks them through the process of sketching, frame wiring, clay layering, and painting. The final product is impressive, revealing Artorias finer details like his Abyss-torn ankles and his crippled shield arm.

Artorias isn''t the only piece of FromSoftware-inspired art created by the sculptor, and he also frequently showcases clay models from Elden Ring and the Dancer of the Boreal Valley from Dark Souls 3 on BerserkRevanats. Outside of models based on the Souls games, the sculptor has also created menacing clay renditions of Shao Kahn from the Mortal Kombat series and Dr. Doom from Marvel Comics.

For the time being, FromSoftware''s legacy continues through its fanbase. Through its gloomy worlds and compelling storylines, the series of games continues to thrive within the gaming editor, likely continuing to encourage supporters to produce more art, remixed music, and even clay models as tributes.

Dark Souls Remastered is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox Series X|S.