10 of the Most Nail-Biting Moments in 'Breaking Bad'

10 of the Most Nail-Biting Moments in 'Breaking Bad' ...

The show, which starred many of the best television shows ever created, chronicles Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a high school chemistry teacher who, after discovering that he died of cancer, commits to a crime committed so he can leave some money behind for his family.

The show for countless reasons is praised. Its fascinating ensemble of characters, the riveting story, and the amazing camerawork of every episode are just a few examples. Another important feature is the abundance of brilliant nail-biting suspense, some of which are among the most highly praised sequences of the show. There are also spoilers ahead!

Walt Watches Jane Die S02E12: "Phoenix"

Jesse (Aaron Paul) has been drinking heroine with his girlfriend Jane one night, but finds him and Jane in a heroin-induced haze. He accidentally pushes Jane onto her back, causing her to choke on her own vomit, and audiences must watch him react panicously.

This is one of the most dazzling scenes in the whole show. It''s one of the early glimpses that audiences were familiar with the dark, evil parts of Walt''s soul, and it''s absolutely wreaking to watch it unfold.

Jesse has been saved from a variety of deaths S03E12: "Half Measures."

During season three, Jesse begins a relationship with Andrea (Emily Rios), a member of his Narcotics Anonymous group. Early on, he discovers that Andrea''s 11-year-old brother was sent to kill one of his closest friends by a couple of local drug dealers, who murdered the child. Jesse, however, is enraged to get a pistol and confront the criminals.

The darkly-lit scene is plina of rage, as viewers watch Jesse walk up to the dealers with little hope of making it out alive. Finally, Walter drives his Pontiac Aztek into the scene and coldly murders the criminals, telling Jesse to run, and sending chills down fans'' spines.

"Face Off" is Gus''s Into Walt''s Trap S04E13.

One of the most crucial events in Breaking Bad is also one of the most suspenseful. Walt and Gus Fring had long ago simmered before reaching their boiling point. After failing to kill Gus with a car bomb, Walter exploits his greatest depreciation: his voluminous desire for Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis).

Walt prepares a bomb in Hector''s wheelchair before one of Gus'' visits to him in the hospital. Hector detonates the bomb, but Gus somehow walks out of the room, posing difficulties for fans. However, the camera reveals that half the kingpin''s face has been destroyed up, and his unborn body finally falls.

One Last Time, Walt Rescues His Friend S05E16: "Felina"

Jack Welker''s (Michael Bowen) neo-Nazi group decides to take Jesse hostage and force him to cook meth for them. In the last episode of the show, Walter pays them a visit with a machine gun system installed in his trunk. He kills the white supremacists and gives Jesse the opportunity to flee.

This is one of the last scenes in all of Breaking Bad, and it certainly lives up to the rest of the show. It''s packed with suspense and tragedy, but also allows us one last look at whatever small portion of happiness there still exists in Walter, who died minutes after.

S03E13: "Full Measure" Jesse Proves His Loyalty

Gus has had enough of Walt''s behavior, and Walt knows it, aware that Gus intends to kill him and replace him with Gale (David Costabile), a trained chemist. Walter, who was held at gunpoint, is bargaining for his life (and, by extension, Jesse''s) by having his partner kill Gale.

After a nail-biting moment, Walter is barely rescuing himself from his close encounter with death, wondering if Jesse will make it in time, and then approaching him having to do something his soul is evidently non-preparation, all because of his loyalty to a person who doesn''t deserve it.

The Train Heist S05E05: "Dead Freight"

Walt is dissatisfied with seeking a replacement source of methylamine (one of the essential oils to cook meth) and is avoiding robbing a train carrying a chemicall. What ensues is one of the show''s most anxiety-inducing scenes.

The directors of the Breaking Bad had consistently demonstrated a sense of urgency, but only as well. With a dynamism, a thrilling musical score, and just the right amount of obstacles in the protagonists'' way to make the scene enjoyable, the heist is certainly one of the greatest edge-of-the-seat moments.

Skyler Attacks Walt S05E14: "Ozymandias"

The most popular episode of Breaking Bad on IMDb, with a staggering 10 out of 10, is heart-stopping adrenaline in its purest form. One of the episode''s most popular nail-biters is when Skyler (Anna Gunn), aware of Walter''s dangers, threatens him with a knife and attacks him. Walter, Jr. (RJ Mitte), however, breaks up the fight, but Walt removes his baby daughter Holly.

The whole scene, beautifully directed by Rian Johnson, is absolutely horrifying. In many ways, it is what the entire show has been building up to: the breaking point of the White family. It''s such an exciting moment that it''s easy to forget to blink while it takes place.

Hank''''s Death S05E14: "Ozymandias"

Another tragic event in "Ozymandias," the death of Hank Schrader (Dean Norris) at the hands of Jack Welker is one of the most suspenseful scenes in the show; once it happens, it is one of the most heartbreaking moments in all of television.

As Hank recovers from his injuries, Walter desperately negotiates for his brother-in-law''s life with Jack. Viewers must watch the distressing scene in fear, hoping against all odds that Walt will somehow convince Jack to spare Hank. However, when he claims that Jack has clearly made up his mind already, it''s probable (but not any less painful) to conclude his shot.

Walt Finds An S04E11 Crawl Space: "Crawl Space"

Gus disobeys Walt and threatens his wife if he attempts anything stupid, and Walt believes that his best chance of survival is to "disappear" himself and his family, although he is disgusted to discover the crawl space in which he kept it completely empty, as Skyler has given it to Ted (Christopher Cousins) so he may reimburse the IRS.

The whole scene is fantastic because of its impressive quality. The cinematography is jaw-dropping, and the editing perfectly conveys Walter''s anxiety, and Bryan Cranston and Anna Gunn''s performances are stupefiant.

The Salamanca Cousins Attacked Hank on S03E07: "One Minute"

Although it''s difficult to select the most nail-biting scene in Breaking Bad, it''s not a stretch to say that Tuco''s (Raymond Cruz) cousins (played by Daniel and Luis Moncada) retaliates for killing the drug lord.

The entire sequence is a masterclass in building suspense. An anonymous email sends him warning him that he''ll be attacked in one minute, and that''s where things kick off. Hank''s shaky camerawork and the eerie score, combined with Dean Norris'' excellent performance, and the scene closes with Hank being seriously injured. It takes a few minutes to complete, but it''s so tense that it''s like hours.

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