How 'Twin Peaks: The Return' Succeeded Audrey Horne

How 'Twin Peaks: The Return' Succeeded Audrey Horne ...

Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) was one of the most anticipated performers to return in the highly anticipated 2017 film Twin Peaks: The Return, which grew exponentially beyond BOB and the small town of Twin Peaks.

Audrey does not make her first appearance until Part 12 of The Return, and when she does, she spends roughly 30 minutes of screen time with her straight-up boyfriend, Charlie (Clark Middleton). Many of the scenes together in one room, and almost all of them conversations revolve around discovering "Billy," presumably a man with whom Audrey had an affair.

Audrey Horne is constantly sluggish and dismissive, while Audrey shouts, "Get me out of here." In her last film, Audrey shows off her fiery self-doubt doodles in the back of the street. "This is why I just saw her smiling faces in the mirror."

In Season 2, Audrey was given a peek at a vault door at Twin Peaks Savings and Loan Bank in protest of the bank''s connection to the Ghostwood project. Mark Frost''s equatory novel Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier, which premiered a month after the Season finale of The Return, paved the gap about what happened to Audrey between the Season 2 finale and The Return, answering one of the most pressing questions: had Audrey been in a coma the past 25 years? And

Audrey was rescued from the hospital by Pete, but she was still in serious condition at the time. Two months later, Audrey discovered that she was pregnant. Although The Final Dossier does not state that Evil Coop/BOB is the father of Audrey''s child, Richard (Eamon Farren) was born nine months after her first birthday. She refused to pay any medical care from her parents.

Audrey married her long-time accountant in 2000, supposedly for financial gain and not in love. However, According to The Final Dossier, Audrey and her husband were fraught with public arguing, heavy drinking, and verbal abuse on Audrey. In 2012, Audrey abruptly closed her hair salon and disappeared from the public eye, claiming to have been institutionalized in a private care facility.

Audrey''s mental state is apparent as a result of the evil Coop/BOB incident on October 9th. It is accepted as canon in Twin Peaks lore that Evil Coop/BOB did indeed rape Audrey while she was in a coma, especially considering how severe it is to be raped while in a coma. It''s unlikely that the incident involving Richard, a child of the Lodge, would have felt that her mental state was restored.

It isn''t that Audrey''s long-anticipated fate in The Return does not make sense, it does. Everything we see with Audrey in the Return is most likely a dream that takes place in Audrey''s shaky mind, as well as in Fire Walk With Me. There is also a possibility that anyone who isn''t interested in giving them everything they need. (Remember: Lynch did make us watch a janitor sweep the floor of the Roadhouse to the tune of "Green Onions

Shelly (Madeline Zima) is still Nadine, who has an obsession with Dr. Jacoby, who currently sells gold spray-painted shovels and often urges people to "wrapped themselves out of the pain." Also, the new female characters in The Return are also known as Tracey (Madeline Zima) who was brutally murdered in the first episode while having sex, and Darya (Nicole LaLiberte, who is shot in the head by Evil

Audrey is perceived as one of the most charismatic, courageous women in the Twin Peaks universe. It''s like a punch to the gut to see her face diminish from being a madwoman, another woman being victimed to the hands of the Lodge. Instead, viewers are forced to wait until 12 episodes in for Audrey to appear, shrieking about "Billy" and "Tina" to Charlie, all three of whom are no longer linked to the original series.

Again, Lynch isn''t attempting to appease us, and it is his unwavering commitment to eccentricity that makes his work what it is. That said, Audrey Horne and the rest of the Twin Peaks ladies deserve much more from Twin Peaks: The Return.

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