Anya raped her bully in the Spy x Family and slammed the internet

Anya raped her bully in the Spy x Family and slammed the internet ...

Anya Forger is known as the undisputed starlet of the Spy x Family. From the inside, they all look like any other family. In reality, they each have their own secret: Anya Forger, his daughter, Yor Forger, is an assassin, and her father, Loid Forger, is an assassin. The moment in the episode has sparked a wave of bizarre memes and fan art that make light of the moment.

The following article contains spoilers for the Spy x Family''s latest episode.

Loid embarks on a top-secret mission called Operation Strix. He must establish contact with Donovan Desmond, the chairman of a national political organization, in order to maintain peace between the two countries. In his Loids plan, he adopts Anya to send her to the ultra-elite Eden Academy, in an effort to get closer to the Desmond family.

Anya, who is nervous to attend school, has plenty to go up against, even though Loid secretly arranges for Anya to be classed as Damian Desmond, the son of his target. However, not far into the first day of school, Damian and his goons bully her and resent her.

At first, Anya holds back. After they throw a crumpled piece of paper at her in the hallway, Damian says hes going to bully her every day, Anya earns a high-tier punch enough to make Saitama proud.

People are absolutely living for it, making memes that impact Anya and Damians'' moment on TikTok. A piece of crumpled paper is seen on Anya and then punching Damian.

damian resurgence after he was punched #anyaforger #damian #spyxfamily

The show is full of Anyas expressions. And on this episode, she debuted her heh face, which inspired a slew of fan art.

After the punch #SPY_FAMILY #


Anya Heh art by sender is a spy!art spoiler.

Damian and Anya are both drawn as if the woman shouts at a cat meme.

Damians anime debut #spyxfamily #spy_family

This one is a reference to an old meme that makes a joke about a WikiHow article, How to Increase Your Social Status at School, and only shows Anya doing an assertive T-pose against Damian.

Damian was chastised with the wrong kid #SPYxFamily #SPY_FAMILY

The two are being shipping a lot, and for that I say, read the manga, which is now available on the Shonen Jump app.

#SPY_FAMILY #SPYxFamily # # #SPY_FAMILY #SPYxFamily # # # # #pngJpttTwsN

At the first punch, you''ll feel the love.

The two aged up have been shown a lot, although it isn''t included in the show.

still sweet together #SPYxFamily #SPY_FAMILY #

I''m just going to leave behind some fan art from grownup Damian Desmond and Anya Forger, because it seems to trigger these Twitter troglodytes.

Six episodes from Crunchyroll''s debut season have been released. New episodes are released each Saturday.