The Smite pantheon includes Nu metal gods Slipknot

The Smite pantheon includes Nu metal gods Slipknot ...

With a tumultuous video game rosters now including icons from other mediums, such as hit movies or popular Netflix shows, Captain Jack Sparrows in Sea of Thieves, Sasuke, and Ariana Grande are duking it out in Fortnite, and now the band Slipknot is bringing to Smiteas in a set of skins.

Smite is a third-person battle arena game, a League of Legends, with a cast of the Gods and champions of several pantheons. Unlike the usual match, performers such as Athena, Cthulhu, Jormungandr, and Morgan le Fay will be able to roll up to the match in lovingly detailed skins of Slipknots band members. In this case, three of the gods (Poseidon, Chaac, and

@slipknot is here to perform a show in SMITE! Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson, Craig Jones, Michael Pfaff, clown, Jay Weinberg, Mick Thomson, Jim Root, and Alessandro Venturella are all joining the Battleground of the Gods!

While pop culture crossovers are particularly popular in everything from Fall Guys to Call of Duty, this particular blend feels particularly intriguing and unexpected. The update is expected to be released later this month.

Smites Slipknot content, and update 9.5 for Smite, is now live.