Bradley Walsh of The Chase speaks out against the Weakest Link conflict

Bradley Walsh of The Chase speaks out against the Weakest Link conflict ...

If there''s one thing TV quiz shows have, it''s competing with one another. Oh, and lots of questions, obviously. However, people can''t stop comparing quiz show to quiz show, and in the Beat the Chase spin-off, it turns out that one of its most severe rivalries is actually with The Weakest Link.

Both shows have been quite compared recently as they have a very similar component at the core; answering questions within a fast-paced time limit. And Coach Bradley Walsh has a lot to say about it.

"The amount of people who came up and said, "Hey Brad, we''ve seen your new show. The Chase is fantastic. "We really, really, really, like it," said he, according to

"They said, ''No, no, no it''s the best thing we''ve ever seen for a long time. So much better than The Weakest Link,'' which we were at the time.

"That was a pretty funny comment because The Weakest Link was a fantastic show, but the problem with it was constantly putting people down and not being very pleasant," he said. "Our show is not like that. It''s always a fantastic one, and you know we have a lot of fun."

In 2020, the Weakest Link was rebuilt, with Romesh Ranganathan taking over from Anne Robinson, the original host.

This isn''t the first time one of the cast has had to speak out about Beat the Chasers over the past few years. Mark ''The Beast'' Labbett has appeared on Twitter after Anne Hegerty was caught COVID and was replaced by Issa Schultz from the Australian version of the show.

During his debut, viewers claimed that Schultz was a little quiet, but The Beast responded: "In the event you think @Issa25 is quiet, he came off the plane from Australia a few hours before we recorded this."

Beat the Chasers is now available on ITV and is available to catch up on until now.

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