8 TV Shows Already Cancelled in 2022 That Should Have a Different Potential

8 TV Shows Already Cancelled in 2022 That Should Have a Different Potential ...

Many TV shows have become popular hits for over a decade; many are unintentionally successful. Whether it be due to ratings, money, or other business factors, some programs aren''t well-balanced in a long run.

The first half of 2022 has seen a slew on TV shows come to an end immediately and perhaps without its scheduled outcome. Some shows have indeed followed their course and are going out with a satisfactory conclusion. However, they are others that, for one reason or another, deserve a second chance to be great or simply go out on top.

Batwoman - A new heroine to get behind

Batwoman, one of the CW''s last television series to be developed as a standalone, initially focused on Kate Kane (Ruby Rose), the cousin of Bryce Wayne, who took about the vigilante mantle during his absence. After Roses'' departure prior to Season 2, the persona of Batwoman was then taken over by Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie), a homeless ex-con who hopes to avenge her mother''s death.

The departure of Rose after a single season was initially thought to be a blow to the series. Fortunately, Leslies Batwoman made a lite reboot that could have altered Batwoman''s direction for the better. It''s a shame that this program wasn''t given the opportunity to become as large as its Arrowverse predecessors.

A humorous take on space politics

This quirky workplace comedy focuses on the titular Space Force, a newly established branch of the US military. They are tasked with creating a stronger US presence in space to safeguard valuable satellites orbiting the Earth. Overtake by Carell''s General Mark Naird, their first strategy is to get people back on the moon.

When the show was first released, it was not difficult to see why. The situational comedy is fresh and entertaining, and the performances, led by an always on point Carell, are excellent. The second season of the show has been rescheduled on a cliffhanger, which, at the least, deserves a moment to be resolved.

Good Girls - Realism and escapism combined

This comedy-crime drama follows three women, sisters Beth (Christina Hendricks) and Annie (Mae Whitman), as well as a friend Ruby (Retta, who decide to rob a grocery store in order to make ends meet. This season, these women have evolved from suburban mothers to experienced criminals as they come up with additional schemes to dissipate the crime syndicate they unknowingly, initially stole.

Hendricks, Whitman, and Retta''s performance are among the best parts of this series, particularly because it''s ability to expertly mix humor with real life situations and problems. While the show did not have ratings until it was gradually found rhythm. NBC may not have wanted it anymore, but it should have at least tried to shop it around so that our girls might have a second chance at one last score.

Raising Dion is a grounded exploration of superheroes.

Raising Dion, a unique approach to superhero origin, is based on a single mother''s struggle with raising her young son after her husband died. Often, her son learns to develop exceptional abilities, while also by providing him with gifts.

This program, which is well-known for the performance of young JaSiah Young (Dion) and a rich mix of real life and dream fulfillment, has been able to create a story that is both relatable and entertaining. It has also been evident that critics and viewers alike agreed with an 83% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and enough views of its second season to see it make Netflix''s top 10 finalists. It''s unlikely that Netflix has a host of subscription issues, but it

4400 - A reboot trying to tell its own story

4400, a remake of a 2004 series of the same name, revolves around a mysterious incident in Detroit, where four hundred people disappeared once more. All have no memory of what happened to them while they were gone. As everyone strives to improve and discover what happened to them, some begin to exhibit super-human capabilities.

While certainly not one of the worst remakes, this reboot was certainly compared harshly to its predecessor. In the end, this probably worked against it, as its main mystery had previously been done, and thus may not necessarily have been as engaging. Nonetheless, this version of 4400 has tried to lead its own path and deserves a chance to establish itself out of the shadow of the original.

Archive 81 - A unique concept with a lot of uncertainty left to give

This horror series, which was created on Netflix in January 2022, features Dan, a young man who is invited to restore a collection of videotapes at a remote research facility. Along the tapes, Melody, a PhD student who has developed a computer, reveals that nothing will be as normal as it appears.

Despite Netflix''s seemingly high streaming numbers, Archive 81 was canceled. This, along with the positive reviews it received, makes it disappointing that it was so fast canceled. The program''s unique time-bending mystery makes the narrative straightforward to get sucked into, and there are a few disturbing scenes for all the horror enthusiasts.

Modern kids and grown-up fan favorites are saved by the Bell.

This episode of the late-80s/early-90s teen-centered series explores both old and new as part of the group''s main roles. Governor Zack Morris has forced many low-income schools to relocate to the more privileged Bayside High (the setting of the original).

Peacock''s premiere was one of the most successful programs for the reboot. While the original focused primarily on a group of highly skilled Bayside High students, the reboot''s choice to include a higher level of diversity was a key part of its development. It''s ability to combine this diversity with good written humor and a good attitude was a great achievement, and one that would have been rewarded with many more seasons.

Gentefied - An important depiction of diversity and family

Gentefied, a Netflix comedy-drama, focuses on three Mexican-American cousins living in Los Angeles. As all three try to build their own paths, they are constantly being pulled between their dreams, their family, and their culture.

On the US television landscape, it''s always a pleasure to find a show that focuses on a less-represented population. Gentefied combined outstanding acting and strong writing to deliver an enjoyable show that was a Netflix fan favorite. It''s a shame it wasn''t given a chance to tell it in full.

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