5 Times 'Family Guy' Predicted The Future

5 Times 'Family Guy' Predicted The Future ...

Family Guy, the classic adult musical by Seth MacFarlane, has built a reputation for itself. Since 1999, Family Guy has blessed television with its eccentric characters, a dark sense of humor, and ridiculous cutaway gags. But is it all that is under their repertoire?

The Simpsons wasn''t the only adult cartoon in town that wished to predict the future Family Guy had such occurrences, but it has perhaps given the writers the chance to gasp at their work. A correct warning: the future issues are weighing in nature, and may be depressing.

Antonin Scalia''''s Death

Peter (Seth MacFarlane) returns to 1984 after bailing on a date with Lois (Alex Borstein) and Lois ends up marrying Quagmire (Seth MacFarlane) in time again, with death (Adam Carolla) pledging to send him back in time again so he may marry Lois, to whom Death alleges, in an accidental shooting. Karl Rove and Tucker Carlson were killed by a bullet after he shot the Supreme Court Justice.

On February 13, 2016, news was made public that Antonin Scalia, the United States Supreme Court Justice associate, was discovered dead in his room at a hunting resort at Cilboro Creek Ranch. Though unconfirmed via autopsy, it has been reported that he died of natural causes, most likely a cardiac arrest, since his doctor confirmed he had severe cardiac difficulties. The episode, which aired in 2007, bizarrely imagined that his death was in some way related to his hunting activities.

The Boston Marathon Bombing

Turban Cowboy describes Peter as engrossed in learning about Muslim teachings but is unaware until too late of Mahmoud''s terrorist motives. Family Guy was enrused in the season 11s by a horrific blow from a crowd of participants, killing them to the finish line.

Kevin Spacey Harassment Allegations

The central plot for Season 4 of Don''t Make Me Over involves Meg (Mila Kunis) as she receives a makeover and becomes a successful singer in the family band. When Brian and Stewie travel to the mall, fans pay for help, and there is a naked Stewie shouting for help. The next scene also shows him escaping from Kevin Spacey''s basement.

When Kevin Spacey was exposed to harassment charges in 2017, Family Guy made a humorous appearance. Anthony Rapp, who claimed that he was 14 years old when Kevin Spacey made sexual advances to him, made the claim. In response to this claim, Spacey claimed that he was drunk and took the opportunity to deflect the matter by coming out as gay. Family Guy, perhaps coincidentally, promised the future.

Robin Williams'''' Death

In the Season 10s episode, Brian and Stewie read viewer mail, revealing stories in three segments; Chap Of The Manor, Fatman, and Robin; and finally, Point Of Stew. Peter, who is encapsulated in the episode of Chap Of The Manor, has promised to God that everyone in Quahog has acted as his idol, including Patch Adams, and Mrs. Doubtfire. Peter, who is being chastised by lightning, attempts suicide several times, only for his weapons

When BBC Three broadcasted the episode in May 2014, an uncanny coincidence erupted. Immediately after the conclusion, the news emerged that the prolific actor had died by suicide on August 11th. The timing of this particular episode, combined with the depiction of suicide attempts, shook viewers.

Caitlyn Jenner''''s Transition

Brian and Stewie observe Brody Jenner when she see the star of The Hills, claiming that he cannot believe Brody came out of Bruce Jenner''s body in the episode Lottery Fever. As a result, the clip depicts Bruce Jenner as a flamboyant cheerleader who seduces for members of the USO.

In 2015, Bruce Jenner revealed to all over the world that they would now be known as Caitlyn Jenner, who was formerly a female actress. Likely the most complete prediction to come from Family Guy, We Love You, Conrad aired in 2009, awing fans with one of the most precise predictions.

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