A frightening doll factory is added to Midnight Ghost Hunts' first major update

A frightening doll factory is added to Midnight Ghost Hunts' first major update ...

The first major update for Midnight Ghost Hunts includes a new map full of chaotic props: baby dolls with knives and cutting little legs, lethal forklifts, and soda machines that chase ghost hunters around the map while ejecting soda cans like softballs. However, this may be a challenge.

Polygon was able to test out the new map ahead of time with the developers of Vaulted Sky Games, and the new doll warehouse is stocked with a good deal of nightmares and sticky antics.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a series of four amateur ghost hunters who are able to hunt down four opponents attempting to escape capture for the first five minutes of the match. Ghosts are wreaking havoc on the crowd, but hunters may quickly smash them down and vacuum their souls up. If the clock strikes midnight and even one ghost remains, the tables turn, and the vicious, empowered ghosts become hunters.

The newest map reveals the games'' greatest strengths, in that it straddles the line between camp and legitimate terror. Theres the constant heavy background noise of old processing equipment run by nobody in particular. Sometimes, the ghosts engage in a jumping-scare with a falling sword or a creepy laugh, and Id duck. It usually meant that a knife-wielding baby doll would be close behind.

The house has knight armor with swords that make for a stunning hallway ambush. In the doll factory, the props at hand are more suitable for frontal assaults, giving the ghosts more options in the early game. For example, hunters can swarm heavier, larger props, and beat the evil out of them with their weapons, where a smaller prop might sneak away unscathed.

The hunter''s rifle is improved, as well as the shockstick, a short-range weapon that can strike a ghost rapid-fire. With this added help, hunters have a better chance to score in the future with this additional feature, and some of the most compelling moments as a hunter comes from encountering an angry revenant with a salt shotgun or a melee blow. Developer Vaulted Sky Games said that with weekly updates, the ghost/hunter win ratio is now getting very close to

Midnight Ghost Hunt has gained worldwide success in streaming communities, and it looks like the developer is dipping into the games strengths with the latest map and update. Both sides are more indebted by this improved balance, as hunters have a greater chance to make a desperate last stand after midnight, and ghosts can sow much more chaos in the early minutes. After all, there are few things more distracting than being chased by a furious vending machine.