DeathVerse, a Let It Die sequel, will undergo an open beta test in May

DeathVerse, a Let It Die sequel, will undergo an open beta test in May ...

The publisher of GungHo Online Entertainment and the developer of Supertrick Games has announced today that they will begin the first limited-time open beta for DeathVerse: Let It Die, the 2016 Let It Die sequel.

Players in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will be able to pre-download the DeathVerse beta from the PlayStation Store starting Wednesday. The beta will be available to players in various languages and regions.

Players will be able to compete as a contestant in a 16-player survival battle arena outside of a deadly reality television contest known as Death Jamboree. Using a personal robotic companion named Wilson, they will be able to transform their Wilson into one of five different weapons, including machetes, buzzsaws, and katanas.

There are several intriguing twists on the battle royale genre, including reactive battlefields with areas that harm players'' health and debuff the effectiveness of their attacks; deadly NPC opponents such as Cryptids and Hunters (think Left 4 Deads Special Infected) that roam the arena on sight; and materials that may be used to improve your abilities.

Players that defeat their enemies, whether they are other players or Cryptids, in a particularly flashy way will receive Glory Points that boost attack capability. Killing Brands, which are dropped when a Hunter kills a competitor, are protected against the dangers of being killed yourself.

The open beta of DeathVerse: Let It Dies is expected to take place on May 28 at 12:30 pm PDT, with the second open beta expected to begin on June 5, and runs from 1-6 am PDT.