Rescue Rangers offers a relaxing refresher for a reboot-weary world

Rescue Rangers offers a relaxing refresher for a reboot-weary world ...

The Disney Plus live-action film Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers is a refreshing antidote. Yes, its something of a reboot and something a crossover. However, it is also a joyful celebration of what makes these modes of entertainment so popular.

Akiva Schaffer, star of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, and how I met Your Mother, has joined the cast of Dan Gregor and Doug Mand, who have turned this idea into a comedy that brings back the delight of reboots and spinoffs, as well as crossovers and sequels. The plot is relatively simple, but it just gives the meta shenanigans and animation-world injokes more room to shine.

[Ed. note: This review contains some setup spoilers for Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers.]

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers opens the day when the animated series canceled. Dale, however, now travels to the convention circuit, hoping for a big break. When Dale attempts to go solo on a project, the pair have not discussed the show in years. They are called in by their old castmate Monterey Jack (Eric Bana), who has never been a fan. It''s up to Chip and Dale to unravel the mystery.

Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers is based on a world in which animated characters live alongside humans. It''s a fact of life that the animated characters are also actual beings. It''s a matter of life that Dale gets a CGI surgery so he can look like a modern 3D character instead of a hand-drawn 2D one like Chip. In many instances, this setting is hampered by unexpected responses.

In just about every corner, the film is chock-full of cameos and Easter eggs. Blink and youll miss half a dozen preexisting characters wandering around, from the depths of Disney history to up-to-the-moment gags. It forms for a challenging game of I Spy.

Different versions of the cameos lend themselves to some pretty great jokes. It helps that the movie doesn''t need to be a Disney person coming in. Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers adds some cameos to its lineup, making it look less like a glorified brand-deposit ad, rather than just a chance to have fun with beloved characters, whether it be CGI, cel-shaded, stop-motion, or even puppets. As with Roger Rabbit, they don

With all of the gags, references, banter, and action hijinks going on, Chip and Dale must put their differences aside so they may solve the mystery and find their friend. Though, by the end, they realize they are still important to each other. There arent many surprises plotwise, apart from the occasional identity reveal, like the question of who is responsible for the bootlegging.

The plot is intended to take Chip and Dale to another adolescent location, introduce another surprising character, or create another clever joke about Hollywood. It''s all fine, though. The heartwarming ending message about friendship is on par with other family films, but it''sn''t quite too clever to make the witty jokes.

While it''s quite a reboot and a crossover, Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers has seemed to get some cynical eyebrow raises, but it''s difficult to believe that these slapstick cartoon chips might fuel a movie for adults. The movie, for example, makes fun of reboots and crossovers, and the film, for example, is a reboot and a crossover. But, Schaffer and the writers continue to make loving fun of the whole phenomenon of this kind of modern meta update

However, the jokes are sharp, and a lot of people prefer adult sensibilities, even as the Union bit in Shrek 2 does, rather than being crude or cruel. And the cameos and Easter eggs give color to the world and become useful jokes of their own. Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers is a great reminder of how much fun it can be to reimagine childhood classics when done right, and when they are done right.

On May 20, Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers landed on Disney Plus.