Season 6 will pick up after the devastating finale Cliffhanger, according to The Good Doctor Boss

Season 6 will pick up after the devastating finale Cliffhanger, according to The Good Doctor Boss ...

The Good Doctor and Sons'' Season 5 spoilers are on hold. Read on your own risk!

The Good Doctor''s Season 5 finale included the highly-anticipated wedding between Shaun and Lea. However, in the last minutes, there was a frightening twist that no one saw coming, and it mirrored an iconic storyline on ER. David Shore, the producer of the series, discussed how the series will reprise in Season 6 following this major tragedy.

Shaun and Lea had a very low-key but very special wedding at St. Bonaventure, courtesy of their friends and colleagues. When it was time to get more cups, Dr. Lim volunteered to check the break room. Unfortunately, she was stunned by a horrific glimpse of a bloody Nurse Villanueva on the ground. He informed Lim that her violent ex-boyfriend Owen was not there, but things just went downhill from there.

The first episode of the series has a great amount of focus and fun, but it is difficult because it will be a significant part of the episode, and we have some nice things planned for Glassman, and, of course, nothing but wedded happiness for Shaun and Lea.

The ending of the finale will certainly be very broad, especially since Shore revealed there will be a bit of a time jump shortly after the premiere. Although he did not specify how wide the time jump will be, it appears like things will move ahead to Shaun and Parks first year as surgical attendances. For the time being, where it will land is unknown.

Dr. Shaun Murphy will take on several new duties as he arrives at St. Bonaventure. David Shore reveals what Shaun will deal with in Season 6 and how he will deal with during his marriage:

Very early into Season 6, you will see the responsibility [he assumes on now], but it''s not a technical thing. There are emotional aspects that go with that, and interpersonal aspects that are more difficult when there''s not one standing behind him [to make] the ultimate decision. Being an attending is different from being a senior resident in ways Shaun didnt necessarily anticipate. And, of course, he is married.

Shaun does not do well with change, but if it''s a change he''s been anticipating and working towards, it shouldn''t be too bad. However, being an attending does have much greater responsibility than a resident. This may lead to some fresh stories. Shaun will certainly have his friends and relatives there.

It''s difficult to tell what the outcome of the finale will be, but after losing Dr. Melendez, I would never hear another death on The Good Doctor. Fingers crossed that Dr. Lim would not be the same without her, nor would the show without Christina Chang, who has already lost more than enough stars.