So far, The Hunger Games' 'Safe And Sound' and the Eight Other Best Taylor Swift Song Moments

So far, The Hunger Games' 'Safe And Sound' and the Eight Other Best Taylor Swift Song Moments ...

Taylor Swift has been a major participant in the music industry for over 15 years. From her country debut with Tim McGraw, to her latest album that focused on indie-folk, the singer has accumulated a slew of songs. Many of them have made their way to movies and television shows, or have been downloaded directly to accompany them. From The Hunger Games to Bridgerton, you can see how many times Swifts has been on screen.

Because there will be a lot of more Taylor Swift on film and television in the future, as said the singer in Where The Crawdads Sing and Taylors Version of This Love recently heard on the trailer for Amazon''s upcoming series The Summer I Turned Pretty. In any case, lets get to the best of what''s already been done:

Fifty Shades Darker - "I Don''t Want To Live Forever"

Say what you want about the Fifty Shades franchise, but the films always had incredible soundtracks featuring artists such as The Weeknd, Beyonce, John Legend, and Halsey. It was a great play in the 2017 film, played in a rare wholesome moment in the film where Jamie Dornans Christian is teaching Anastasia how to steer his fancy yacht.

Valentines Day - "Today Was A Fairytale"

Taylor Swift stepped up as a huge performer with her first two albums and made her acting debut in the romantic comedy Valentines Day, directed by Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Garner. In the romantic comedy that reveals a number of stories on the national holiday, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner were matched up. In a fantastic moment that wraps up the film, her original song Today Was A Fairytale plays.

Killing Eve - "Look What You Made Me Do"

On Killing Eve''s first credits, Taylor Swift was a surprise appearance, which Swift was previously a fan of. The song was a cover of the 2017 song by Jack Leopards & The Dolphin Club, which is a fake band, which appeared to be her brother Austin Swift and frequent collaborator/producer Jack Antonoff per fan digging (via Insider). This instance was sneaky, fun and, of course, complemented the series very well.

Little Monsters - "Shake It Off"

A Taylor Swift song was added to the 2019 comedy zombie film Little Monsters. The movie that featured Lupita Nyongo as a kindergarten teacher and Alexander England as a wash-up musician is about them surviving a zombie epidemic. It comes to an end with Nyongo on ukulele while a large group of children sang along. It gives you a sweet moment to finish the offbeat zombie movie.

Hannah Montana: The Movie - "Crazier"

Taylor Swift became a major part of pop culture with songs like Love Story and You Belong With Me. Along with being featured in the soundtrack in two songs she co-written, the singer sang Crazier in a sweet moment in the film. Along with being shown in the soundtrack in two songs she co-wrote, she also appeared in Hannah Montana: The Movie. She also sang Crazier as Miley Cyrus, the famous Disney Channel character grew closer to Melora Hardins Lorelai.

San Andreas - Style

In the 2015 disaster movie San Andreas, a young woman is seen luring out to the song just before she died. The driver is also re-imagining a ruthless slanted trailer, and driving it down a massive hill.

The Hunger Games - "Safe & Sound"

Taylor Swift lent her talents to the Hunger Games soundtrack with Safe & Sound and Eyes Open. Although the haunting Safe & Sound that she recorded with The Civil Wars surpassed expectations as the film progressed. If you were a fan, you might be surprised by the fact that Swift was a successful artist.

Bridgerton - Wildest Dreams

When Bridgerton became a reality in late 2020, one of the most important traits that set itself apart from other period romances is its use of modern pop songs as orchestral arrangements from the Vitamin String Quartet. During Episode 6, the scene involved Rege-Jean Page and Phoebe Dynevors Duke and Daphne spotting each other as a newly-married couple. It was a fun affair in the Netflix series.

Greys Anatomy - "White Horse"

Sandra Ohs Christina and Kevin McKidds Owen kissed in Season 5, Episode 2, and it happened after Cristina is impaled by an icicle, and it is admitted as a patient at Seattle Grace and Owen. It''s the beginning of one of the most beautiful relationships on Greys Anatomy.

New Girl - "22"

With this list, Zooey Deschanel enjoyed the most spectacular and perhaps greatest Taylor Swift song since Season 2, Episode 16 of New Girl. Nick came in and started wackily dancing to 22 as she crying with wine in hand. I just wanted to listen to Taylor Swift alone! It''s a mood, a vibe, and now a classic meme for the Swifties.

Next up, Taylor Swift plays Carolina in Where The Crawdads Sing, and she''ll play Margot Robbie, Christian Bale, and Robert De Niro in the summer of 2012. Otherwise, who knows what future movies or new and returning shows a Taylor Swift song might appear in next?