Josh Duggars' sentence for child pornography charges has been set, but the prosecution and defense have quite different assumptions about what his prison time should look like

Josh Duggars' sentence for child pornography charges has been set, but the prosecution and defense h ...

The trial of Josh Duggars and the time following has been a long and long run. While he was found guilty on child pornography charges in December of 2021, he had actually been detained the April prior. He spent a lot of time at a third-party home before his trial and was released. However, he has yet to be sentenced. Now, we know more about the extent of prison time they are requesting in the Duggar case, and how much it takes to get it done

The prosecution''s official recommendation highlights a number of things. First and foremost, Josh Duggar''s attempts to access child pornography have been exceptional. Upon arrival at the used car dealership, Duggar was found to have created a Linux partition on a computer, which he used to conceal his actions from his wife, who had put tracking software on the computer. He has also been uncovered to be not responsible for the incident, but his legal team has worked throughout the case to re-assess doubts

The prosecution, according to an official government recommendation (via the Arkansas Democratic Gazette), noted the large amount of child pornography that was actually downloaded should be factored in the sentence. Timothy L. Brooks of Massachusetts is considering a sentence.

The government claims that the conduct established at trial supports the application of all contested enhancements and establishes that the offense involved 600 or more images, requiring the application of a five-level enhancement.

Due to these factors, the courts are requesting the full 20-year sentence, or as it was given in the filing, they are calling for the court to impose a term of prison of 240 months. In addition, Josh Duggars'' legal team has also filed a conviction recommendation.

Duggar is the sole provider for his wife Anna and their seven children, the last of whom was born following the arrest of former 19 Kids and Counting actors. The reality star legal team is arguing that the prosecutions figures were incorrect in regard to the photographs found on the computer (they claimed it was 127). Their client''s stay rate would be 60 months or five years.

The sentence of 60 months manifests the severity of the crime, encourages respect for the law, provides just punishment, assists the public in preventing future crimes. And, in this case, a sentence of 60 months is sufficient, but not greater than necessary, and it is what the law requires.

The outlet itself notes that this case is different from that of other child pornography cases that have been investigated. In this case, a computer user who was seen and deleted may have been able to access the images; however, he was found guilty on one count of receipt and one count of possession of child pornography in 2021. He will only be sentenced on the receiving child pornography charge, as it is the larger offense.

The sentence to begin sentencing is expected to begin on May 25th of this year. This latest date comes after previous delays led the original sentence date of April 5th to be changed to later this month. At least one expert has stated that Josh Duggar will be eligible for the maximum sentence.