The best and worst characters in the Genshin Impact tier are ranked

The best and worst characters in the Genshin Impact tier are ranked ...

One of the most exciting aspects of Genshin Impact is the wide variety of unique characters available for players to collect. However, most of the Genshin Impact characters require time, effort, and luck to achieve, so it is important to know which characters are worth spending your hard-earned Primogems.

Because when it is built right, a character can be effective. Constellations also aid in acquiring multiple of a character and thus releasing their Constellations.

Here''s a breakdown of where every character in Genshin Impact is ranked and why they are ranked there.

S Tier characters

The best of the best is, as is to be expected, all five-star characters. This category has the second most characters of any tier because generally, Genshin Impact makes really powerful and unique characters who are beyond expectations.

Cryo Claymore, a five-star star, was introduced to Genshin Impact in may 2021. She has been a force to be reckoned with, but her speed and aptitude are unparalleled when it comes to Claymore characters. The balance she has between damage output and swiftness makes her a powerful force.

The Geo Archon is an impressive damage dealer and protector. His shield is near impenetrable, he deals damage in a broad area of effect, and he is also a defense player.

Despite being a Bow character, the powerful Cryo character continues to stun players as an impressive damage dealer. This fact makes her one of the best characters, as she is one of only few people capable of severe long-term damage.

The Anemo Archon is an all-around excellent character who excels in all aspects. His Anemo abilities make exploration a breeze, he is great at rounding up many enemies at once, and he is versatile yet on the battlefield.

The owner of Dawn Winery is at the test of time because, while he was one of the first five-star movies released in Genshin Impact, the Pyro Claymore character is still one of the best. When angled right, Dilucs Elemental Burst takes out as many as possible enemies at once. His Elemental Ability also prevents extreme, particularly severe Pyro damage.

The wandering samurai warrior who has been plagued by a past has incredibly strong and powerful Anemo abilities. He is often described as a battery that can be used at a rapid rate, making him a great recruit for any roster.

The five-star Claymore character is completely unbeatable in terms of damage output, and although Arataki Itto is the latest five-star Claymore character, the Geo founder of the Arataki Gang has quickly become a top-tier choice because to his ability to deal extreme damage very quickly.

The leader of the Kamisato clan is a quick and effective damage dealer. Hydro characters often seem weaker due to their element often being overshadowed by stronger elements, but Kamisato Ayato maintains its position as a major damage dealer and makes Hydro look like the strongest element of all time.

The powerful Electro Archon strengthens the whole team by regenerating their Energy quickly and significantly reducing their Elemental Burst damage. De facto, the Raiden Shogun excels in dealing high levels of damage very quickly.

The Inazuman princess uses effective damage and easily applied the Cryo effect whenever needed. She also has a special cloaking sprint that allows her to move faster, easily avoid enemies, and glide over any body of water, which makes her movements swift and precise.

Hu Tao''s precarious balance is painful to complete, but once players have advanced her unique techniques they will discover she is a Pyro powerhouse. Her huge damage output that costs her Health Points over time is well balanced with high base Health Points and Defense.

Due to his unique capabilities, Xiao may offer a learning curve. Once players are familiar with the adeptus, they will discover he can deal huge amounts of damage and plunge down to attack opponents aggressively.

Cryo Polearm is a great addition to any team, regardless of whether or not she buffs the rest of the party and weakening opponents. Her abilities are also excellent alongside one or more other Cryo characters.

Monas'' ability to apply Hydro to enemies and use her cloaking sprint to escape the scene makes exploration and battle a breeze. With her Elemental Skill, she can also distract enemies.

The Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius is arguably the most powerful and versatile character in all of Genshin Impact. She makes Anemo Elemental Reactions simple and consistently deals a substantial amount of damage while also healing with every hit.

A Tier characters

The five-stars who fall into the A tier are those who are still stellar, but don''t quite shine as much as the rest. These two types of characters are generally expected for five-stars, no more and no less.

The Geo alchemist excels in dealing with the area of effect damage and has an Elemental Skill down of only four seconds, which means it can be used very consistently. He is an impressive recruit for any Genshin team.

The bouncing Pyro bundle of chaos is great at causing explosions that damage enemies. However, she only serves as the primary damage dealer and isnt the best at dealing large amounts of damage quickly. Klee can be a support character for the rest of the party, which opens more possibilities.

Bow characters'' unique ability is that they can deal damage from a distance, and this is certainly one of Yoimiya''s finest suits. A firework-loving Pyro character also has an Elemental Burst that enhances the Attack of her party members.

The independent, talented Electro Sword character isn''t the best damage dealer, but her unique teleportation abilities are excellent for battle and exploration, making her an overall solid choice.

The little Cryo zombie character excels most with the intense healing she provides for her team. Her Cryo application isn''t as good as Cryo characters higher on this list, but her healing combined with her Cryo abilities still make her a formidable character.

While the director of the Grand Narukami Shrine can handle outstanding Electro damage, her abilities require immense precision, which makes her oftentimes miss due to her difficult mechanics.

Horizon Zero Dawn''s free five-star crossover character is surprising, especially when compared to the Traveler''s only other free five-star players. Aloy excels at removing Cryo damage wherever it is required, although has currently no Constellations, and it can sometimes be overly complex due to her coil stacks.

Tartaglia, a rather divisive character that is also known as Childe, has a very long run and isn''t great at dealing huge amounts of damage. He is highly capable of assisting the primary or secondary damage dealer, but most other characters perform as well as he does.

B Tier characters

The other large majority of characters fall in the B tier because they are not the best but still quite practical choices. Most of these characters are four-stars unless otherwise noted.

Bennett is a secret five-star athlete who excels in Pyro, but he is also one of the best support players available as he heals and buffs the rest of the team while also dealing a significant amount of Pyro damage.

The Electro Bow character is able to deal with rapid damage and functions like a secondary damage dealer. She quickly applies the Electro effect, and her abilities keep on the battlefield even if she isn''t making her a great recruit for any roster.

While managing Pyro damage, the stellar chef moves and attacks at a rapid pace. Although Gouba is less consistent, and because her Elemental Skill is to summon him, this makes her fall a bit lower on the list than she would otherwise.

The bookworm is rapidly evolving, has an Elemental Burst that provides consistent Hydro damage, and an Elemental Skill that reduces damage taken making him a good secondary damage dealer.

Sangonomiya Kokomi is a five-star, but her lack of Attack power makes her one of the best five-stars ever. She has no Critical Hit power, has a significant energy cost for her Elemental Burst, and is lacking in Area of Effect damage. She is easily outdone in healing by Jean and Hydro abilities by Mona, but may function well in certain situations.

Sayu, who is famously voiced by streaming sensation and singer LilyPichu, is a well-known Anemo Sword character. She has a unique spinning Swirl ability that helps her travel, apply Anemo effects very quickly, and heal.

The icy Polearm character does decent damage to regular opponents, uses Cryo quite well, although it is far less effective against larger bosses.

The part-cat bartender who dislikes alcohol provides healing and shields for her team, making her a solid support character with minor health problems and very little damage output.

Chongyuns'' elemental abilities are fairly effective in combat, and he is a decent secondary damage dealer or support character.

The Hydro Catalyst character excels at healing but has a long down time and can do very little damage as her elemental abilities are completely dedicated to healing.

While Razor can deal substantial amounts of Electro damage, he can only do so at an early level and overall does not excel as much as other Claymore characters do.

The Geo Catalyst character has an effective shield ability, does some decent damage, but moves fairly slowly and isn''t great at attacking many enemies at once.

The Anemo alchemist acts as a support character because of increasing Elemental Mastery among the parties and regrouping vast amounts of enemies in order to deal with serious damage.

The gifted Geo dancer and singer is a talented support character who always creates Elemental Particles, boosts Normal Attack damage, and has decently low expenses for her Elemental Skills.

The Pyro legal adviser receives enormous damage and has relatively short downs making her a strong recruit.

The Crux''s captain is a well-known Electro damage dealer but is dragged down due to a high energy cost for her Elemental Burst and sometimes complicated mechanics.

The Watatsumi Army''s Geo general provides immediate assistance by strengthening the defense and preventing interruption.

Despite his ability to function decently in a support role, Thomas'' overall damage output is disappointing, and his Elemental Skill reduction is short.

The rock and roll singer can deal some decent damage and also has a shield ability, but is quite dezamensive due to a lack of damage output overall.

The kind Geo maid has a great beginning Defense and can use her Elemental Skills to assist heal the entire party, but does not do much damage in general.

C Tier characters

These characters are certainly not bad, therefore they are located in the C tier rather than a lower. C tier characters can be excellent when they are built right and after their Constellations have been collected, but even then, they will have required significantly more work than other characters and will not perform as well.

While the protagonist of Genshin Impact is the only character with the ability to switch between elements, they are still pale in comparison to the rest of the rest of the game. Unfortunately, since there are oftentimes battles that must be done as the Traveler, players have to assemble the Traveler so that when they do use them correctly.

This is why you have to switch the Traveler to a C-tier character, since other characters differ significantly.

Although Kaeya isnt necessarily a bad character, although with full constellations and an excellent build, he will certainly never surpass other characters who are ranked higher on this list due to his poor damage performance.

Kujou Saras Electro Bow abilities fall short in spite of being denied entry after Fischl, as a result of those in the Genshin community.

Because Lisa is a very early free character for Genshin Impact players, it is not that significant that the Electro Catalyst character is lacking.

Ambers Pyro Bow capabilities are overwhelmingly unimpressive especially when compared to those of Yoimiya, the best character in all of Genshin Impact.