Kamet0, a Cult French streamer, is fighting off the back of the Pixel Wars hype to enter the Twitch title game

Kamet0, a Cult French streamer, is fighting off the back of the Pixel Wars hype to enter the Twitch  ...

Kamel Kamet0 Kebir, a young French streamer, has made a major fall in the Twitch title fight this month, dipping into the Amazon-owned platforms, bringing the top ten most-watch stars off the back of his involvement in the Pixel Wars inspired by Reddits'' special April Fools Day event, /r/place.

According to analytics group Rainmaker.gg, the 26-year-old instantly landed sixth among Twitch''s most-watched streamers.

Kameto was close to ten million hours per day for the month of April, surpassing Tarik and the top-ten mainstays of Roshtein, Ibai, and Summit1g. Only two truly remained ahead of KametoBrazilian juggernaut Gaules, who was on the verge of becoming an even more dangerous player.

Kamet0 also saw about one million hours in a row in the same month.

Twitchs'' rising French star clinches his spot in the top six after an extensive internet buzz circulating around Reddits /r/place in early April, which was eventually dubbed The Pixel Wars.

These wars were fought online on Reddits'' digital art page.

On the user-sourced fresco, Kamet0 scouted 1.4 million Twitch followers. The catch was that the 26-year-old picked an immense space on the limited scope of the Reddit April Fools Day collaboration work, which outraged other internet organizations.

In April, a French streamer who founded esports org Karmine Corp, became live every day, including a massive 16-hour stream on the last day of /r/place.

On Monday, April 4, the star-themed artwork from Reddit gradually changed, but the whole arrangement of the Eiffel Tower incorporated a smaller Arc de Triomphe. Other features included the red, white, and blue French flag, including an image of Zinedine Zidane shushing fans.

In the past few years, Kamet0 has seen a rapid, very French-fueled increase on Twitch, affecting his most significant numbers. From the time he was published, he now has 22,000 subscribers on the Amazon website.

The actor plays League of Legends, VALORANT, and GTA Online in the main roles.