Omar Zaheer has been voted out in Survivor 42, while Maryannes has made a massive move

Omar Zaheer has been voted out in Survivor 42, while Maryannes has made a massive move ...

We started to get a sense of how cutthroat the remaining players were during tonight''s 42episode. We love a season where multiple people are considered targets, and there were four people considering threats when the previous Tribal Council passed.

Lindsay was following Jonathan, but Jonathan was worried about Lindsay and Omar, and Mike is still someone on peoples radar. Mike was adamant, though, to get Omar out of the game before he could get him. He recognized that he was one of the people who could win him at the end of the game, and his likability was undermined even further when he received his reward.

One simple fact is that for Mike, Lindsay was getting an immunity necklace around her neck. Because she had to use her idol at the final six, she could easily play it on Omar and save them both. This meant that he had to start thinking frantically about a plan B.

For Mike and Jonathan, the goal was to avoid Romeo. It was something they might possibly do depending on what happened with some of the idols. However, Maryanne had a different idea she wanted out Omar, and was prepared to use her extra vote to ensure that it happened. However, she had a difficult time getting Mike or Jonathan on board.

Everyone kept their cards close to the vest, but Maryanne made her signature move! She used her extra vote, put both on Omar, and then had Romeo cast his vote on Omar as well. Hes gone from the game!

Omar is an individual who can be wildly proud of this game; the only mistake he made was not forcing Lindsay to play her own on him. It might be a mistake that haunts her, because she had escaped him and chosen not to.