Who is the most likely to win in the final of Survivor 42?

Who is the most likely to win in the final of Survivor 42? ...

Next week theSurvivor 42finale will be here, and we hope that it follows what has been a really exciting season of the show. We have a lot of big personalities, and some of them are still in the running.

You may argue that there are a lot of winner candidates in the group. Mike, Maryanne, or Lindsay might win the game. They all have had a lot of help and could have friends on the jury. Romeo has no one on his resume right now, but we think he can explain his game well enough in the face of the jury.

Maryanne might, after the Omar blindside, be a frontrunner! He seemed to fully respect it and he might be a solid person to rally for her over there. Mikes was an excellent job of at least ensuring his survival, but it''s still hard to know if he is capable of possessing his lies in the game. That''s the big hang-up with him.

The competition for what''s coming up in the finale didn''t give much away, other than a brutal challenge and Romeo becoming a fake idol. The final five are going to a new camp, as they did back in season 41, and it seems like there might be something else hidden there. Remember that Mike and Maryanne do have idols at the final five, so both of them are golden to the final four. If someone other than one of them gets immunity, there may be only two people who are eligible to be voted

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