Brian Tee dives into the most recent developments on his father, Ethans, in an interview with the Chicago Med

Brian Tee dives into the most recent developments on his father, Ethans, in an interview with the Ch ...

The TonightsChicago Medseason 7 episode might have offered up another turning point in Dr. Ethan Chois'' emotional journey. After all, we had the opportunity to learn more about Gerald, the man whom his father married for years prior to his death. There was this whole secret life that Ethan never discovered.

Yet, the end of tonight''s episode was a learning-of-sorts for the actor as he learned to see where his parents lived, alongside all of the family photos and memories that were built. This allows him to see his father in a different light, and in doing so, he may also learn a lot about himself. This is so a valuable story for a man who has gone through so much as of late, including an injury that almost ended his medical career.

What did Brian Tee have to say about Ethan''s final scene, and what implications it might have on him moving forward? Recently, the actor indicated that the outcome of this exercise might impact his characters'' long-term future:

Ethans had a so intense relationship with [his father], but lo and behold, there is this man who was his secret lover and had this secret life with him when he approached this doors. What he finds is far beyond his expectations or realizes.

For myself, it was exceptional to experience. Ethan never gets to see that side of him. Over the past six seasons, you learned that he had a lot of torment and developed a lot of pain. Here, you saw that he can no longer do that. There are certain areas of him that must be re-opened and explored.

Tee confirmed that more of the aftermath of this will be discussed in the next weeks finale, plus a really powerful medical story for Ethan and Archer that will explore that dynamic even more. Their own relationship may be changing after Ethan refused to take over as Chief. All you have to do is follow the link here.

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