In the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4, there are ten things you might have missed

In the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 4, there are ten things you might have missed ...

After Kingdom Hearts 3, fans of the Kingdom Hearts series were treated to a surprise as a result of the release of a Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer. Although many believed the series is planning a mainline sequel immediately after Kingdom Hearts 3, these thoughts have been dented and replaced with feelings of excitement.

This sneak peek consists of several hidden details about the unpredictable nature of the franchise''s future, but the initial concern caused by its reveal may have overshadowed the more subtle elements being depicted, causing them to fade. Kingdom Hearts is infamous for transforming minor details into crucial plot points, and this trailer is no exception.

10 A New Life In Shibuya

The people who have not seen the location in which this trailer is set will be unaware of its significance. Quadratum, where Yozora insisted on saving Sora by brutal force. Sora has since settled in this thriving metropolis and is accustomed to living luxuriously.

Quadratum is the exact copy of Shibuya and Tokyo, the same world in which the Square Enix title The World Ends With You is also set. But Ansem the Wise referred to Quadratum as a fictional world, yet it is the most accurate representation of the real world we have ever seen in the series so far.

9 Development Footage

The trailer informs the viewer that all content presented is development footage and therefore subject to change. Square Enix has revealed that it was rendered in Unreal Engine 4 with the aim of discarding the footage and recreating it using Unreal Engine 5.

While considering Sora''s movement, it''s clear that the game is far from complete as, although it is fluid, it is far from concise. Sora uses his Flowmotion abilities to overcome various obstacles, but it is difficult to ignore how he floats over these objects when he intends to solidify them. It is not a finished product, but a simple example of new moves to come.

8 Keychain Traversal

In the trailer, a new means of traversal is discovered, in which Sora prepares the chain from his key to grapple onto various objects and surfaces. This ability may be a form of Shotlock traversal, or perhaps an addition to Sora''s Flowmotion ability, but nothing is confirmed. However, the design chosen to represent the keychain itself.

This series features both Aqua and Terra-Xehanort, according to Aqua in Kingdom Hearts 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage and Terra-Xehanort, so it seems like Sora will continue to harness the power of friendship even if his friends are unreachable.

7 Wall Running

In Kingdom Hearts 3, Sora gained the ability to run on vertical surfaces, which was widely used throughout the game''s duration. Quadratum''s cityscape will be a great starting point for Sora to execute this mechanic.

The Wall running has been changed since its first release. Sora now lodges his Keyblade into a building before starting his climb. This feature is only briefly shown, but it opens up a world of possibilities for other features to be upgraded.

6 The Blue Flame

The pair are seen wandering around a pitch-black environment before a blue flame appears behind them. A voice asks why they are here, and the flame bursts into red and surrounds them, resulting in the dog and duck clinging onto each other out of fear.

This unknown source of flame is more than likely the God of the Underworld, Hades from Disney''s Hercules. Sora has been missing for a year, so it is only logical for Donald and Goofy to look into the possibility that he died. Both were agreed that the desolate Underworld would be the most likely location for Sora to go once he passed.

5 Style Of Clothing

Sora''s new design is that it appears to be based on a promotional image used to advertise a fashion line developed by Super Groupies, wherein new outfits for Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, and Axel were created.

The stylish portrayal of these characters was perhaps intended to serve as a clue for the future style of each character and the direction the franchise intends to proceed. There is even a possibility these characters may appear in Quadratum sporting these designs.

4 Reaction Commands

The series of Kingdom Hearts 2 has been added to Reaction Commands, while Kingdom Hearts 3 slammed them for Keyblade Transformations. Although this trailer appears to be displaying a fluid combat system, there is an easily overlooked aspect behind it.

Tetsuya Nomura, a writer on Famitsu, claimed that reaction commands would be returned despite assembling the evolved Darkside as a shield with a crown in the center to prevent an expected attack. However, many believed this to be a Keyblade Transformation, which was similar to Kingdom Hearts 3, but it has since been confirmed to mark the return of the sorely missed mechanic. Reaction Commands have finally returned.

3 Strelitzia''''s Hair Clips

Players of the mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Union X [Cross] will be familiar with Strelitzia, but those unfamiliar will be wary of her relevance to the story. Strelitzia fought alongside her brother, Lauriam, who later lost his heart and became Marluxia, the eleventh member of Organization 13.

One might argue that Strelitzia has no idea about her brother''s involvement with Organization 13, but that the positioning of her hair clips might suggest otherwise. The "X" and "I" shapes are similar to Marluxia''s position in the Organization''s ranks, citing Marluxia''s role as her brother. This is undoubtedly a reference to her brother, the Graceful Assassin.

2 A Mysterious Voice

Two hooded figures are observing Sora from atop a skyscraper before the Quadratum segment of the trailer concludes. Their faces are shrouded in shadow, making identifying them impossible unless one examines the voice of the narrative.

The narrator is altering their vocal patterns to the unknown, but it is more likely to be the Master of Masters, according to nomura in an interview with Famitsu.

1 A New World

Given that there is no obvious Disney world revelation in this trailer, it is possible that all locations shown are set in Quadratum. That said, there is one particular scene that might be revealing more than it intends to at the halfway point. A waterfall and a collection of fungal growths are both highlighted, but one detail can easily go unnoticed.

A mechanical resistance is visible in the top right corner of one of these shots and, upon closer inspection, shows similarities to the one of Star Wars'' most recent franchises. Now that Disney has the Star Wars franchise, this scene might be set on Endor or Yavin 4 and if that is, Sora may finally receive a Keyblade and Lightsaber hybrid. This may open the door for other unexpected franchises to make an appearance.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is in development.