The Most Important Gaming Update for the 18th of May 2022

The Most Important Gaming Update for the 18th of May 2022 ...

We''ve got plenty of news to share with you today, so let''s dive into it. Today''s biggest story is about Tetsuya Nomura, and his promise that we''ll hear more about Final Fantasy 7''s 25th anniversary next month, which might release some new games.

There are also details on Saudi Arabia buying a five-price share in Nintendo, as well as the announcement of Greedfall 2. There are still plenty of other sources to choose from, so here''s a look at.

News For Final Fantasy 7''s 25th Anniversary Is Coming Next Month, According to Nomura

Tetsuya Nomura has promised that more information about Final Fantasy 7''s 25th anniversary next month. However, most of us are interested in releasing Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis or Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. However, you might not know it.

With 5.5 percent of Nintendo, Saudi Arabia expands its games stakes.

Saudi Arabi appears to have purchased a 5 percent share in Nintendo, according to a filing with Japan''s finance ministry. This small share is worth $3 billion and makes Saudi Arabia the country''s fifth largest shareholder. Many are now incongruous about the move, especially considering the current regime''s human rights violations.

Greedfall 2 has been announced and will feature "More Tactical Combat."

The Dying World, a GreedFall sequel, will take place three years after the first game, but it is removed from their property and shipped to the continent of Gacane. However, the game will not launch until 2024, and the publisher Nacon has refused to comment on whether GreedFall 2 will be available on PS4 or Xbox One.

The first episode of Pokemon Legends: Arceus Anime ''Onto The Icy Blue'' is now available.

The first episode of Pokemon: Hisuian Snow is now available on YouTube or Pokemon TV. This episode, titled "Onto the Icy Blue," is just six minutes long and features protagonist Alex meeting a Hisuian Zorua. If this is the first time you''re hearing of this anime, it''s meant to be a companion to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, showing the moments in which humans and Pokemon meet for the first time.

Battlefield 2042 is being canceled due to a 128 player breakthrough.

A bit of Battlefield 2042 news to bring you as Dice prepares for the 4.1 version rollout tomorrow. One of the greatest is the removal of Breakthrough, which will be extended back to 64 players as a result of the mode''s transition to 64 players. Some maps will also be changed to the 64 player versions to account for less players.