Who Killed Sara? Season 3 Premiere Recap: The Undead Grade It!

Who Killed Sara? Season 3 Premiere Recap: The Undead Grade It! ...

When Jean Reno joins a production, he adds a layer of sophistication and excitement. However, during the Season 3 premiere of Netflixs Who Killed Sara?, the star of Die Hart manages to add more confusion and questions to the series than answers.

It''s all about a telenovela that ended its sophomore season with the show title and main conceit being thrown on its head by suggesting that Sara wasn''t dead at all. This is because Marifer more on her in a bit confessing to killing Sara. As it turns out, Marifer cut Saras parachute strings so she could die, but she did.

Renos'' character faked her death and made her patient zero in a bizarre medical study he was doing. So was Saras psychiatrist Dr. Hugo Alanis involved in the experiment, and so was Reinaldo''s son Nicandro, who was pregnant with her when she was supposed to died, before giving birth to the baby.

For the time being, where Sara and her baby are these days, remains a mystery. Luckily, Alex and Elisa are on the case. The hospital in which Reinaldo kept Sara and conducted his unthical and unthical tests, appears to be the same anomaly where Alex and Elisa met when a nurse called them on Marifer''s behalf so that Marifer may talk to them before she died.

While visiting Marifer, she typed in Dr. Alanis and Nicandros names on Alexs phone to indicate that something nefarious was happening. Even without Marifers information, Alex and Elisa could tell the facility was suspicious because of all the security cameras. Two goons eventually dismissed the couple from the premises, and thats when Alex decided to pay Nicandro a visit.

Nicandro, who is more prettier than he is sharp, revealed that he thought Marifer couldnt speak because her lungs were burned in the casino fire. If he wasnt part of the fake clinic conspiracy, he would have known that detail. However, Nicandro tripped an alarm and Alex quickly escaped before the police arrived.

All of this, including a file Alex discovered at the clinic and Dr. Alanis'' dead body, forced Alex to turn to the authorities, who then exhumed Sara''s grave and found an empty casket! Oh boy, how did she keep Sara alive after all?

Chema performed a sexual favor for a phone without a battery in the premiere, and Rodolfo discovered that his father Cesar was in the Seychelles. Soon after, Cesars money was stolen by a hacker, but it was unclear if Alex was the culprit or if it was someone else.

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