Michelle Yeoh Reveals How She Called Out Jackie Chan After He Passed On The Role

Michelle Yeoh Reveals How She Called Out Jackie Chan After He Passed On The Role ...

Everything From Once was the greatest surprise hit of 2022 so far. The film only scored a substantial box office milestone for A24, but was received considerable acclaim with star Michelle Yeoh being singled out for her performance. That''s why she criticized Jackie Chan for passing up on her role in the film.

The Guardian interviewed the martial arts legend who left out on the chance to play the experimental action-comedy. Yeoh was initially cast as the wife, but he couldnt commit to the film due to his hectic schedule. Eventually, the actor was reluctant to take the stage, revealing that he was grateful for the performance. According to the film''s editor,

I hear unbelievable things about Jackie''s film. Did you know that the boys came to China? And I said, yes, my dear friend!

The Last Christmas actress had to explain the films success in her dear friends face. She was surprisingly blunt in her response, but you can do that when you have been friends for decades. It''s interesting to see two screen heroes abandon their multiverse takeover. But viewers would have expected Ke Huy Quan''s return if the Hollywood veteran had signed on. Perhaps the action star might come up in a future sequel.

According to Chan and Yeoh, the actress led the Shanghai Knights to star in the cult classic Police Story 3: Super Cop. The sequels triumph prompted the actress to go on the screen for Super Cop 2, which was the Hollywood icon. In 1984, they met on a set. So, the two action stars have a long history together.

The acting legend has been redefining the indie films for some time. She recognized Andrew Garfield, a self-professed comic who has sparked a multiverse confrontation between the movie and Doctor Strange 2. So, the Marvel film has been sparked at every opportunity, including poking fun at greenscreen use in the sequel. So, everyone wants in on Everything Everywhere all at once-mania.

In theaters, the multiverse comedy is still recruiting and motivating audiences. More upcoming indie films will be available for moviegoers in 2022.