Fans believe Tyler Baltierras' message to Carly is disobedient

Fans believe Tyler Baltierras' message to Carly is disobedient ...

On her 13th birthday, Tyler Baltierra, a teenager who appeared in a poem for his daughter, Carly.

The MTV star promised to adopt a youngster who he and his wife, Catelynn Lowell, agreed to be together one day soon. Some observers were concerned about Baltierra''s public love for the daughter he relinquished, stating that his message might be a risk to Carly, who was adopted by Teresa and Brandon Davis.

Baltierra said she didn''t have the words to wish Carly a happy birthday, so he wrote her a poem on Instagram on May 18.

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It states that:

I wish you didn''t let you go but hope you understand I reminisced of your beautiful face in your baby blanket My spirit so innocent and guess what? I still have that baby blanket Its folded in the chest by my bed, sometimes I unravel it Just to make it around my neck and pretend its you Im holding instead Because every day I wake up With you beating in my heart and dancing in my head Oh how I wish you could do it again But until that day comes Ill be seeing you in my dreams Replaying the sweet

Baltierra and Lowell are the only parents in the Teen Mom universe to put their children for adoption. When Carly was 17 years old, MTV cameras followed him on their episode of 16 & Pregnant, showing the process of finding the Davis.

Carly meets with at least once a year. MTV cameras have come to the meetups, but Carly is not permitted to be seen because her parents want to keep her identity hidden.

Baltierra and Lowell separated in 2015 and welcomed three additional daughters together: Nova, Nova, 3-year-old Vaeda, and Rya Rose, an 8-month-old.

Carly has met her biological sisters, but it''s unclear if she''ll meet Rya Rose, the baby.

Fears Feared How the Poem Would Affect Carly

Tyler Baltierra (@tylerbaltierramtv) has shared a post.

Fans weren''t sure what they might expect of the Baltierras birthday present.

Several individuals acknowledge that Baltierra had conflicted feelings about bringing Carly for adoption, but are concerned about her being affected by his public letter.

I have a lot of empathy for them, but I believe Tyler putting things like this publicly is potentially deadly to Carly. What she''ll know when she sees things like that someday? One person wrote on Reddit.

Others suspect that the Balteierras post would focus more on getting attention.

At this point, it feels sad. Yes they have suffered from it. However, the way they have handled their trauma for viewers/IG likes is horrifying. If Carly is the priority have some discretion with what you choose to share.

A few social media users took an opportunity to make fun of Baltierra. I cant help but whenever Ty posts a poem I read it in Eminems'' voice from Stan.

Lowell Also Wished Carly a Happy Birthday

Catelynn Baltierra posts a post (@catelynnmtv)

Baltierra wasn''t the only one who reached out to his first child. Lowell also had something she wanted to share about Carly.