10 Things You Need To Know About The Correct Century Timeline At Gundam

10 Things You Need To Know About The Correct Century Timeline At Gundam ...

The Gundam series is one of the most popular mecha anime series of all time, and every modern mecha series owes a bit of its legacy to this franchise. Starting in 1979 with Mobile Suit Gundam, the franchise has grown to present several interesting stories across several extended timelines.

The Correct Century, a Japanese version, is a very interesting timeline with some very interesting scenes that Gundam enthusiasts might not be aware of. Here are some facts about the timeline, including whether or not they are aware.

10 Seireki Is A Play On CE''s Japanese Term

Seireki is the Japanese term for Correct Century, but it is also the Japanese term for Common Era, which is the most commonly used calendar era system. The Common Era is interchangeable with the Anno Domini system (in other words, 2022 CE is the same year as AD 2022).

This commonality is not a coincidence, as the fact that the two eras are named similarly suggests that Turn A Gundam isn''t all that much different from the real world that we live in.

The Nine Earth Territories are based on real counterparts.

The majority of the series takes place in North America, a large collection of allied territories. Loran Cehack, the main character, becomes a citizen of Inglessa, while Luzianna is a group that later appears as a somewhat untrustworthy partner.

These territories are based on locations in the real world. North America is evidently based on North America, but it is meant as an alternate version of the United States. Inglessa and Luzianna are a bit more subtle, but they are based on New England and the American South.

All Gundam timelines are broken in the 8 correct century.

Many of the Gundam timelines are generally considered as separate from each other. The Universal Century is the most complex in terms of connectivity between series, but it is generally considered separate from timelines like After Colony and Future Century.

Correct Century is supposed to follow millenia after all Gundam timelines and essentially serves as an epilogue to all of those series on its own.

7 The Black History Is Ending With Everything From Humanity

The Black History, a period of time called the Correct Century, characterized by a terrible war that destroyed nearly everything from Earth. In addition, much of the earth''s surface became unhabitable, making it difficult for the planet to sustain life.

The Black History is a symphony of the events that sparked each other Gundam series, with this catastrophe being the final outcome. Fortunately, since the time of the Black History, the Earth has recovered enough to help mankind again.

6 The Surviving Humans Headed To The Moon

During the Black History, the majority of mankind was killed, but some survivors were still there. These survivors created a colony on the moon, and using advanced technology, decided to stay on the moon until the Earth became habitable again.

These people would eventually become known as the Moonrace. From time to time, Moonrace would be sent down to supervise the Earth, thus not all Moonrace were born on the moon. While the Moonrace are generally derived from humans, they seem to be different than those born on Earth or other Moonrace.

Earth''s Technology Is Not Advanced Despite Being In The Far Future

The correct century is thousands of years in the future, and the current year, CC 2345, is centuries ahead of our current time. However, North American residents do not seem to be interested in this technology, because they use equipment and tools that are compatible with the 19th century.

These people of Earth are being defeated, as the Moonrace is tremendously advanced, gaining knowledge that was supposedly lost during the Black History. While excavations and defections allow them to catch up, they do not have the necessary technical knowledge to match the Moonrace.

4 Non-All Moonrace wants to return to the Earth.

The Moonrace''s great goal is to return to Earth, their ancestral home. Despite not being friendly to Earthlings who have lived their lives on Earth, the Moonrace, led by Dianna Soriel, intends to return to Earth and build a house for their people there.

Those under Agrippa Maintainer believe returning to Earth from the Moon would be a bad idea, and this disagreement in opinions becomes a source of conflict between the two factions.

Deep Underground Could Be Found 3 Mobile Suits And Technology

Though much of civilization was destroyed during the Black History, some of it survived by being deep underground. The Earthlings'' re-founding of the Turn A Gundam was remarkable in that it was thought to be the White Doll.

Early on, a significant part of the Earthlings'' strategy was to excavate near where the White Doll was discovered to see if more mobile suits could be found. Fortunately, they were correct, and the conflict between the Earthlings and the Moonrace began to equalize.

Two Mobile Suits Are Based On Legacy Suits

Some of the mobile suits, identified as remnants of the Black History, are similar to mobile suits that have been created in the previous series. As part of the assumption that the Correct Century occurs long after any other Gundam series, some of the suits are discovered.

The Borjanon, which is virtually identical to the original Zaku from the Mobile Suit Gundam, and other suits, like the Kapool, are also based on suits featured in the previous series. While Turn A Gundam has many original mecha designs, these cameos and calls highlight the date of the correct century.

The Black History Was Been Finished 1 By A Gundam

The Turn A Gundam and its pilot Loran Cehack play a major role in the story. For most of the series, much of the story about this incredible robot is blurred in mystery, including its true name. However, the Moonrace''s reaction demonstrates that it is an enemy.

The robot''s ability to control powerful nanomachines that can produce a variety of effects was eventually discovered to be the one responsible for the destruction of all advanced technology.