Casey Returns for 'Stellaride' Wedding in Chicago Fire Finale Promo

Casey Returns for 'Stellaride' Wedding in Chicago Fire Finale Promo ...

In a promotional for the season finale for next Wednesdays, Caseys is back on Chicago Fire to offer Severide some much-needed encouragement before his marriage (airing at 9/8c on NBC).

Watching you change since Stella came to your life, shes made you a better person. According to Casey, you guys are meant to be.

In the 200th episode of last October, Jesse Spencer re-arranged his role, ecstatic after exiting the NBC drama, where Casey moved to Oregon to take care of his late best friend Andy Dardens'' sons.

Casey''s return comes at a crucial time in his relationship with [girlfriend] Brett, who returned to the Windy City after spending a lot of time with her beau in Oregon. Andrea Newman, the shooter, interviews the Casey who is in a comfortable and engaged relationship, putting him in a critical position.

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