Melanie Lynskey has learned so far about the Yellowjackets season 2

Melanie Lynskey has learned so far about the Yellowjackets season 2 ...

Although production is still months away from starting up, we cant say that the series will be available later this year, as was the original intention.

Why not talk about Melanie Lynskey''s first date rather than discuss it here?

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As Shauna''s adult version, Lynskey was absolutely fantastic from start to finish in season 1, and we have a feeling there''s a lot of extra big stuff coming for her down the road.

In an interview with the AV Club, the actress couldn''t reveal any significant spoilers, but here''s a list of what she had to say about the season so far:

The last thing I heard is that we begin filming in late summer, like by the end of August, because my co-star Christina Ricci said it during aJimmy Fallonappearance recently. I think the storyline, from what the creators have said, is so funny. I think they are planning to make summer look like wintertime.

We already know that with some of these characters back then, heck, Jackie froze to death! Well, we must see how things get darker from there, but this show has a lot of scope to cover still. It''s particularly true for Lottie, if she is truly the Antler Queen as all of the evidence suggests.