These are 10 episodes that will make fans miss this post

These are 10 episodes that will make fans miss this post ...

A goodbye to a TV show is always a task. Despite the characters and characterlines, this season, audiences experience the same thing, adding to their experiences, feelings, and own personal stories. For six seasons, This is Ushas been there for all ages, recognizing why family is vital.

The final chapter of This Is Us is now here, and the viewers must say goodbye to the Pearson family. The final chapter is near, and you know it hurts because you have gone to hell and back side by side with these characters. You feel they are part of their family.

Super Bowl Tradition

Each episode of Episode 1x05 is based on a Pearson tradition, starting with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) wanting to learn more. From that moment on, every family member became a fan.

As Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Toby (Chris Sullivan) fight because he would not respect her decision to watch the game alone. It was important for her to watch it with her dad and his urn. The episode teaches viewers that even if a loved one is gone, you can still enjoy the things you did with them and share it differently.

Therapy Circle

Rebecca, Kate, Kevin (Justin Hartley, and Randall, Jr.,) attend a therapy session at Kevins rehab. In the meantime, Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson, Miguel, and Toby discuss how challenging it is to be an outsider in the family.

While the episodes provide you with insights of their lives, the Pearsons never talk directly to their peers about their experiences or how they feel throughout the years. This therapy session allows the characters and the audience to understand their emotions better, remarking that it is okay to ask for professional help.

A Queer Character

Season three of the series includes Randall and Beth in the middle of his political campaign, while Kate interviews a job, and Kevin chases the past in Vietnam. The emotional moments come when Tess (Eris Baker) finds her parents in the kitchen and opens up about her sexuality.

Many TV programs have published narratives, and This Is Us fought their part with The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning. Randall and Beths'' desire to have their daughters back during this moment in life gives concern to queer viewers who may not have an experience like Tesss or who may be unable to deal with their own sexuality.

Beths Story

Beth Pearson is one of the most notable actors on the show, and it takes until 3x13 for viewers to take a look into her background. She returns home to check on her mother who had an injury, and memories return. Seeing her past, you get to know her long-lived dancing career and her parents expectations.

As you grow up, you strive to establish a balance between outside expectations and personal goals; Beth continues to do so. There are instances in which you must prioritize your goals and ideals even if it means fighting those you love most. Even if you don''t want your dreams aside for a while.

Love Then, Love Now

Beth and Randall, both aka R&B, have a number of the main relationships This Is Us has established throughout the seasons. 3x17 reveals their story from the beginning, the difficulties they encountered, and how they discover themselves today. Showcasing a love story that continues to grow strong.

Love is one of the main themes in the film. Its portrayal of romantic love can be seen through different couples, and one of them being R&B proves to the audience that love is at first sight and capable of last the test of time.

Unexpected Main Character

The Pearson Cabin is a genre that began when the kids grew up going to with their parents, where memories were created, and connections soar. In The Cabin, you see the big three at the cabin throughout their lives.

Season 4, episode 14, is a great way to get out of the cabin. Kate, Kevin, and Randall have a great love story, but this episode is great proof.

A Brothers Love

This Is Us portrays siblings'' relationships that include confrontations. After a big fight, Kevin and Randall have a relationship that''s been described throughout the years, as well as the many issues they had never encountered.

It is important to evaluate the individual connections as well. This is why 5x13 helps understand the brothers and their bond better. It is not always easy to get along with your siblings, but the show proves it is important to continue working to make it the best it can be. Even after the storm, you will always have your back.

Beth Continued

The final season of This Is Us has proved to be the most heartbreaking yet. An episode that shows Beth''s new (or old) career as a dance teacher. The audience sees her following her passion and working hard to find a future in the dance industry.

The Beth storyline is a proof that you may go back to your once-described dreams and make a living out of them. There may be situations in life where you may find yourself on a different path, but it is okay to go back to where you came from. Something Beth had always reminded Randall, but she is finally able to remind herself.

Kevins Happy Ending

Kevin and Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) are another love stories you follow through the seasons. A children love, teenage marriage, cheating, divorce, and reconnecting. The night before Kates second wedding, these two characters discover their way back to each other. Despite their fears and anxieties, they realize they are better together, while everyone is happy.

Kevin seems to be a lost soul who is always striving to pursue his dreams. It was still something missing for the audience, although the notion of Sophie is correct. There is hope this fan-favorite character will eventually have his happy ending.

From Hated To Loved

Miguel gives viewers the complete background story about Miguel, a character who was mostly disliked by the end of the episode. He gets to see his childhood growing up in Puerto Rico and moving to the United States and how he created a name for himself in a world that was striving to erase him. In the present, he is taking care of a sick Rebecca and forgetting to care for himself.

The audience rejoices his loss as they have developed an appreciation for a character who provided his all to the matriarch of the family. This Is Us is a familys journey that gives you a glimpse into the lives of incredible characters you truly care for. Miguel is the perfect example of how a storyline can change in 42 minutes, and declaring goodbye to a character can make you shed unexpected tears.

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