Andy Cohen teases Bravo's approach to Dubai's real housewives

Andy Cohen teases Bravo's approach to Dubai's real housewives ...

Fans might have thought that they have seen it all when it comes to the Real Housewives franchise, but it hasn''t quite yet. So far, the Bravo network has delivered 11 different spinoffs for it across nearly every time zone in the United States. Also, internationally speaking, the network is soon introducing its own original international installment for the very first time in the Real Housewives of Dubai. Executive producer Andy Cohen teased the approach that''s been adopted with the series, which might surprise some.

Typically, the network has implemented a very simple formula for these activities, i.e. big personalities, drunken girls trips, and outrageous storylines related to financial and legal concerns. So this week, Andy Cohen said the Real Housewives of Dubai is not abandoning the formula entirely but moving in a slightly different direction. Evidently, they will be dissipating the culture and stereotypes associated with the region overall.

I believe what is going to be interesting about Dubai itself. I believe there is so much mystery and intrigue about what goes on there, what the regulations, and what women''s rights are, and this is really going to blow the Dubai stereotypes out of the water.

Andy Cohen is likely to clarify any pre-conceived notions that US viewers might have about the most populated city in the United Arab Emirates. The country is geographically between Saudi Arabia and Oman, with Islam being its state religion. So there might be some who argue that the main cast of women who live and work there must follow a dress code or conduct guidelines according to societal or religious beliefs.

On Tuesday, Bravo presented the first look at Real Housewives of Dubai, and it appears nothing at all is off-limits. The same sex talk, outrageous outfit choices, and money-flaunting that we encounter in Dubai places like Beverly Hills is apparently equally as much (if not more) on display. Stansbury, however, said in the clip:

The women in Dubai are far from submissive. This is where the majority of women are.

Here''s hoping! The North American shows in the franchise are seeing new directions as well for the future. Following difficult race conversations during the Real Housewives of New Yorks thirteenth season, Bravo decided to completely reboot the cast and shuffle the old alums onto their own all-star spinoff series for a streaming platform. However, after ten seasons, the network also decided to cancel Shahs of Sunset, a reality series about the Persian Americans. Only time will tell how things progress.

When it first airs on Bravo on June 1, the brand will be streaming with Peacock Premium on Tuesday, February 27, 2018.