Benedict Cumberbatch's 10 Magical Performances That Arent Dr. Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch's 10 Magical Performances That Arent Dr. Strange ...

Benedict Cumberbatch is soon becoming one of Hollywood''s top stars. He has enlisted the help of Doctor Strange, the highly-arrogant Supreme Sorcerer, who has driven him into the profession.

Cumberbatch is today one of the key faces in the Marvel Universe, but before all the spells and multiversal madness, he was an excellent British actor who mostly performed character study dramas. Since the start of his career, Cumberbatch has produced several fantastic performances, really digging deep into the character''s mind and returning their inner being layer by layer. Cumberbatch is always a pleasure to watch whenever on screen.

The Other Boleyn Girl (2005)

Under the backdrop of Medieval England, The Other Boleyn Girl follows sisters Anne and Mary, who contest for King Henry VIII''s love and attention and give him a male heir. A tale teller with charm, intrigue, and ruthless humor.

Cumberbatch is able to serve the unfortunate husband to Mary, who soon recognizes the King. Though his role is relatively modest, he gives him enough to graze humility and respect to him.

The Hollow Crown (2016)

The Hollow Crown follows the lives of five different English rulers and their implications on England''s land. Taking inspiration from the Bard himself, the show adapts several of William Shakespeare''s plays revolving around these medieval kings as they struggle for the crown.

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as the devious King Richard III, a man who takes the scales down by any means required, even if it involves taking out those closest to him. Cumberbatch is the villain with so much desire and tenacity that it''s impossible to turn away.

Frankenstein (2011)

With this complete adaptation of the Creature, the classic story of Mary Shelly''s Frankenstein is brought to life on the theater stage. Dr. Victor Frankenstein is attempting to reimagine life and, in turn, creates the hidden monster known as the Creature.

Both Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller switch between the roles of Dr. Frankenstein and the Creature for each show, giving a different viewing experience each time, demonstrating how fantastic an actor Cumberbatch is.

The Courier (2020)

Grenville Wynne, an English businessman who is caught up in the world of espionage at the height of the Cuban missile crisis, is told to befriend a Soviet spy, who is providing important intelligence, and to help bring the information back to London.

Cumberbatch excels in this espionage thriller, transforming his character from a reluctant businessman to a skilled spy who would do anything to assist prevent a nuclear war. The film is filled with challenges throughout, as the threat of the Soviets uncovering their plot is around every corner, but what makes this film truly shine is the relationship between both sides.

Patrick Melrose (2018)

Patrick Melrose, the son of an aristocratic family, is recovering after years of drug treatment, and attempting to escape his family and past trauma.

Cumberbatch, who is surrounded by a talented cast, has provided an excellent job of bringing this problematic character''s struggles to life. The show adopts a grounded and realistic approach when it comes to addiction, recovery, and self. It''s truly heartfelt to watch, but it''s impossible to look away thanks to Cumberbatch''s performance.

The Hobbit Trilogy (2012-2014)

Though Peter Jackson''s Hobbit Trilogy may not have been superior to its predecessor, it does a fantastic job of immersing the audience into the Middle Earth. When Bilbo Baggins, a reluctant Hobbit, is persuaded by his old friend Gandalf to join the Dwarves to help reclaim their homeland, he is thrust into a world of adventure filled with deadly creatures, hidden treasures, and, well, dragons.

Cumberbatch gets a chilling and remarkable performance as the villain of the trilogy, starring Smaug, who has since made his lair in the Dwarves'' old home.

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

The sequel to J.J Abrams'' Star Trek reboot brings Khan to the stage with none other than Benedict Cumberbatch.Into Darkness follows the Enterprise crew on a mission to eradicate a deadly force of terror within their own ranks, leading them to a war-torn world where an evil foe is waiting.

Khan''s fictional character, Cumberbatch, is a great reaffirmation of Kirk''s legendary villain. At every turn, Khan is a wise opponent to Captain Kirk and Spock.

The Power of The Dog (2020)

Phil Burbank (Cumberbatch) is a charismatic rancher who inspires both fear and awe in his peers. When Phil''s brother returns with a new wife and her son, Phil uses his beguiling character to torment and mentor his new friends.

Cumberbatch''s performance is fantastic, with him winning an Oscar nomination and critical praise. His character is a vile man who psychologically torments those around him with his horrifying convictions, but does so in such a choppy and thought-provoking way that it''s almost impossible to look away from.

The Imitation Game (2014)

Alan Turing (Cumberbatch), a brilliant yet socially inept mathematician, was responsible for cracking the once-imagined Nazi Enigma code machine. Turing and a few other outstanding mathematicians worked tirelessly for years to break the code and assist stop the conflict.

Turing''s life is both inspiring and tragic as he recovers from his illness and is even responsible for developing the software''s precursor. Yet despite his accomplishments, Turing struggled with sadness and loss. He was a great and complicated man who Cumberbatch is able to bring Turing to the greatest potential.

Sherlock (2010-2017)

Cumberbatch gets a swing at playing the great fictional sleuth and knocks it out of the park. Sherlock takes a modern twist to the British detective''s story and places him in 21st century London. Along with his best friend, Watson, Holmes investigates baffling mysteries that only a genius like Sherlock could solve.

This is the role that put Cumberbatch on the map. His reiteration brings the eccentric sleuth a much more flawed and human approach. The show does an excellent job of transforming Sherlock''s character into a three-dimensional creature that isn''t only adept at solving crimes but also socially awkward. Making for a more emotional take on the brilliant detective in this modern remake.

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