The Bachelor Franchise might be in danger due to declining rating

The Bachelor Franchise might be in danger due to declining rating ...

The Bachelorette is suffering a similar fate. The Hollywood Reporter claims that the premiere of Michelle Youngs season 18 was significantly lower than its previous seasons debuts. Both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette roles have been consistently dropped in overall ratings for years.

Season 17 of The Bachelorette, directed by Katie Thurston, was the least watched season up until that point. This was also the first season without Chris Harrison.

Is The Bachelor Going to Be Cancelled?

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The Bachelor franchise''s downturn is causing some worry about its future. There are certainly reasons to be worried about whether or not the ABC will not air the back-to-back seasons of The Bachelor that they originally planned for 2022. Regardless, there will be at least one additional season of The Bachelor as ABC announced it will renew the series and plans to begin filming season 27. There is no word yet who the next Bachelor will be.

Many fans and critics have been disappointed with the direction the franchise has taken for a long time. One fan tweeted Bring back the old Bachelor basics! Another twitter user commented, I will NEVER understand the popularity of The Bachelor. The women/men are fake AF, and the show is hella cheesy.

Maggie Panos, a popsugar blogger and fan of what was once a well-intentioned love hunt, has turned into a sideshow act. Behind the scenes, contestants who were cut by the lead are allowed back on set for the sake of drama, and the finales have been chaotic. Even if the season even has one, even steadfast supporters like myself have been groaning that they cant wait for things to arrive.

What Can Be Done to Save The Show?

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The series is still unreleased. So, what are fans'' views on the future? One suggestion is to diversify the cast, not just in terms of ethnicity, which the franchise has been working on lately, but also in terms of body type. OneReddit user wrote: I don''t like seeing any body diversity on the show. I find that society has taught us to want thin people on television, but that the Bachelor franchise will succeed.

Another strategy to improve the series is to select leads and suitors who are actually in it for love and not only for their 15 minutes of fame. In the series, the phrase in it for the right reasons is frugal, and a common narrative is weeding out those who are not. Panos says, Im all in favor of throwing in some contestants who might be there for the wrong reasons, but the majority of them should be on the same page.

The drama, which has been accused of causing and even scripting, would be superior if it stopped focusing heavily on bullies and catfighting.

From what Ive read and understand, a Quora user said that there are a lot of people manipulating the television show. Whether that is the network''s multiple producers or the higher ups.

I cant believe anyone believes this is the Bachelor(ette) finding love, to which another poster responded, but oh yeah this show is more fake than the kardashians faces. anyone who actually thinks this show is about finding love is super naive and has a lot of knowledge to learn.