Where and how to get Servants in V Rising

Where and how to get Servants in V Rising ...

Servants are important in the mid-game of V Rising, they can defend your castle against raiders or be sent out on hunts to collect resources for you. To get a servant to do your bidding, here''s everything you need to know about it.

How to make Servant Coffin

The first step in creating a Servant Coffin is to customize the plans, the thickness of the knife, and the amount of time that the coffin can be used in your build menu. In the end, the planks, the copper ingots, and one Greater Blood Essence cost 16 dollars.

How to use Dominating Presence

Dominating Presence is a Vampire Power that will appear on your Left Ctrl action wheel once unlocked. You will then need to reduce a human enemy to less than 30% health and hit them with Kiss of the Vampire. This will help the human. Bring them back to base and interact with the Servant Coffin and Select Convert.

The greater the human''s level and blood quality, the better the servant will be once again converted. You have a limited population of individuals, therefore choose wisely.

How to use Servants

Once the required conversion time has passed, your servant will spawn at your base. You may also interact with them to help them with armor and weapons. Hunts will also be able to send them out on hunts to gather information for you. If you''re playing on a PvP server, be sure to leave some servants at your Castle to protect it.