A student develops stunning Zelda animation for a project

A student develops stunning Zelda animation for a project ...

While many of these designs are worthy of praise, one recent piece of art is worth particularly attention.

Not long ago, an aspiring animation student revealed a new project that they had completed. Jordan LeBlanc, also known as Hxx on YouTube, decided to produce a short film that benefited from video games, including the Legend of Zelda series. Impressively, the results of this university project were absolutely amazing.

A character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild walks past the camera and notices a shield hanging from a wall in a seemingly unusual library. As he is approaching the item, he realizes that another character, who appears to be Zelda, will also get the shield. Chaos ensues as the two try to protect the other by utilizing a sword and a bow.

Hxx facilitated the development of the incredible animation on YouTube. According to the filmmaker, the short film was their first complete personal project using Maya, which included Christoph Schoch, who provided the film the benefits, and Jeffrey Brice, who created the film. Fortunately, the filmmaker revealed that the project netted them a second place.

This is not the first time that Hxx has shown off their animation skills on YouTube. Among those interested in seeing more, the artist has a wide range of short films available on their channel, including a popular one based on the battle royale game Apex Legends. However, many longtime fans commented that the artist''s abilities as an animator have continued to improve over the years.

Although this new adaptation based on the Legend of Zelda series is challenging for many, it may take months to look around the game, as the sequel to 2017''s Breath of the Wild has been delayed until 2023, making the game a bit longer. In the meantime, fans may have a limited selection of different Zelda animations.