Ed Sheeran has secretly welcomed a baby with a whimper!

Ed Sheeran has secretly welcomed a baby with a whimper! ...

Welcoming a new life in the family or a new baby in the family is something that has always been exciting for the parent. And that is why they try to spend more time with their family and especially with kids. However, when it comes to our celebrities, it is not a very simple task.

Sometimes they have to keep their life secret from the public. That is why the internet has always been kept as a matter of privacy. The same was seen with the singer Ed Sheeran who has secretly welcomed the baby into his life with his wife Cherry.

Ed Sheeran, who is well known for his song Shape Of You, has now become a father of two children. We know how kind and gentle he is as a human, as a father, and as a husband. Despite this, he is very personal and connected to his family and love life.

Ed Sheeran surprised almost everyone when he announced the arrival of a baby girl to his family on 19 May. He and his wife, Cherry Seaborn, announced on Instagram that he and his wife had just welcomed a baby girl. He said he just wanted to inform people that they had another baby, namely a baby girl.

The singer has also uploaded a photo in which we can see that there are two white Baby socks which indicates the birth of a baby. These socks were kept on an embroidered blanket. He has also stated that he and his wife are completely over the moon.

The singer has not revealed his birth date. In August 2022, he will have his first baby, Lyra. Even at the time, he shared and revealed the news in the same manner while writing simple notes on Instagram.

He said that he had received some personal news that he wants to share with everyone at that time. Even at that time, he shared and said that he is completely in love with this baby girl.

Ed Sheeran has always wanted privacy in his life, and that is why he has always appealed to his fans to give and respect his privacy. Although he has always expressed his concern about Being a father.

He said that his daughter is really not a big fan of him and that she just crys whenever he plays his songs. He said that his daughter loves his song called the Shape Of You. He also revealed that his daughter has given us a little update on his daughter who has started walking and also talking.