Season 2 of eFootball will last for 4 days

Season 2 of eFootball will last for 4 days ...

After years of literally doing nothing, the world of football simulation video games has suddenly been turned upside down. First was Konami''s disastrous move from PES to eFootball, which resulted in nightmarish versions of our favourite players, and then FIFA and EA parteing ways after 28 years. While we still have to see how the latter turned out, we already know that eFootball''s first season has been worse than Norwich this year.

Konami will take a brief break to regroup and hope to return stronger as season 2 approaches.

The season 1 events and campaigns have come to an end, and today marks the start of Season 2, according to Konami. Version 1.1.0 update will include improved win/loss decision-making in online matches, improvements in server capacity, and preparation for future initiatives such as data sharing.

Season 2 will begin on June 16, with two additional options, one for Beginner difficulty level and a 10 mins match time. Additional details will be announced on the official website and on this Twitter account.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the lengthy maintenance period and thank you for your patience.

The entire story of a nosedive Konami''s football sim embraced the new eFootball live-game formula. While the concept appears promising, it even incorporated the basic gameplay into the game. This year, FIFA will now be named the league''s best football sim in the country.

Hopefully, this brief break will ensure that season 2 will be much better for Konami and Big Sam Allardyce right now.