The 8 Best Units for Songs Of Conquest

The 8 Best Units for Songs Of Conquest ...

Building armies for your Wielders to command in Songs of Conquest is a tricky task. Not only do you need to recruit people that you can afford, but they also need to work well together and produce the correct kinds of Essence for your spells. However, success in this game requires a few units and keeping an eye on them.

By establishing them around these elite soldiers, you''ll have an army capable of facing nearly any adversary. By contrast, you''ll be sure to look out if you see any of the below units on the other side of the field!

Songs of Conquest is in early use, and the status of the available units in the game may not be definitive. This list of contents may be altered.

8 Fists Of Order

The Knights are a fearsome heavy cavalry structure, and the upgraded version is a threat no matter where she is on the battlefield. Fists Of Order receives boosted Melee Offense for every space they travel reaching their target, making a long-range charge more powerful to crush enemies that would otherwise survive.

Any units who are still standing after being subjected to a knightly charge can be picked off by Militia or Rangers, putting the Fist Of Order out on their next set. Instead, they may utilize their turn to instill local friends, giving a buff to any friendly units near them.

7 Legionnaires

The Oathbound skeletons of The Barony of Loth are the gold standard for basic melee infantry in Songs Of Conquest. They only require a small structure, the Crypt, to recruit, but although they excel at anything, the fact that a unit that functions as a capable all-rounder is a valuable rarity in this game.

The Oathbound move from good to great as they gain support for ranged attacks, and they become even better at taking and holding important positions on the battlefield. Every Loth army should have at least one unit of Legionnaires, but there are no compromises.

6 Dire Dreaths

Large packs of Dreaths may be a major early-game threat, stealing the enemy''s retaliation rather than after. The upgraded Dire Dreaths are not only stronger, but they have unlimited retaliations and are capable of even putting their turns to the end of the round, creating a perfect strike.

Dreaths are also one of just two Baryan units that produce Chaos Essence (the other being Tinkerers), giving an additional versatility to their Wielder''s repertoire of spells. Their combination of combat effectiveness and utility make Dreaths an easy choice for any Baryan commander.

5 Riders Of The Swamp

Riders Of The Swamp are destined to overthrow human oppressors and bring the Rana to the world dominance. Considering how effective this bird-mounted unit is, there may be something to that prophecy.

Riders Of The Swamp play a similar role on the battlefield as Fists Of Order, posing greater damage. However, they have the crucial Wait capability, which allows them to wait until the last possible attack. Their high Initiative allows them to act at the beginning of the following round, effectively giving them two consecutive turns.

The Rana have limited access to Order Essence, but if you can finagle some with skill or map sources, the Onslaught spell can even assist the Riders in a matter of minutes.

4 Shadows

The Baryan Sassanids are excellent offensive personnel who are capable of strike without fear of retaliation. Upgrading them to Shadows ensures no enemy is trapped while they prowl the battlefield.

Shadows pushed harder than standard Sassanids but still negated retaliation, but they could also pause their turn and ignore enemy areas of control with the help of a movement spell like Quicken and an offensive buff or two as insurance. A group of Shadows can walk right past the enemy line to strengthen their ranged and support units.

3 Archers

Arleon is a bit less spoiled for ranged options, but the Archer - upgraded from Rangers recruited at the Barracks - is the most useful. Their comparatively limited numbers allow them to get up as much damage as Sappers, but they don''t need to spend a turn reloading.

Archers'' Ambush capability is powerful, holding their fire until an enemy moves within their Deadly Range. Even if the Archers are in melee with another force, Ambush triggers, which has resulted in a terrible surprise for unwary troops.

2 High Legions

The High Legion, the ultimate undead monstrosity, is the mightiest group in the Barony of Loth. The amalgamated ghosts of ancient soldiers who fell together long ago, these terrible titans are fast, powerful, and difficult to kill.

The melee attack of a High Legion strikes any unit near its primary target, allowing them to scatter multiple foes at one time. Their very presence reduces the defense of adjacent enemies, allowing them to strike even harder.

When a High Legion isn''t in combat, it''s protected from extended attacks by an inherent fifty-percent damage reduction. To top it all off the ghostly horrors can use their Protect capability to buff the Defense of any of the other members nearby. It''s difficult to imagine a stronger unit in Songs Of Conquest, but the Rana have a weapon that even the High Legion should fear.

1 Elder Dragons

If the Rana are able to recruit the Elder Dragons to their cause, the other players on the map should call a truce until the threat is resolved. Elder Dragons offer a number of features that keep even the most powerful High Legions in the dust and fill a very similar battlefield role.

Elder Dragons debuff nearby enemies'' defense, but they also give an Offense boost to adjacent partners at the same time. Their flaming breath can target units up to two spaces away and affect any unit directly behind their intended target. If this weren''t enough, Elder Dragons may simply use the Wait option to let their enemies come up for the barbecue.

Elder Dragons are unusually expensive to recruit, to say nothing about the amount of requirements they must satisfy, but once they reach the field there is no stronger unit in Songs Of Conquest.