Will Hogwarts Legacy be held at Summer Games Fest in 2022?

Will Hogwarts Legacy be held at Summer Games Fest in 2022? ...

Many fans are interested in buying more information on Sony''s Hogwarts Legacy booth. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is a partnership with Hogwarts Legacy, but we do not expect anything from that evidence.

Hogwarts Legacy will be featured at Summer Games Fest?

If there is anything about Hogwarts Legacy, it''ll be during Sony''s presentation, not Warner Bros. Sony is a sponsor for the Summer Games Fest, and it appears to have exclusive marketing rights for Hogwarts Legacy, which would explain why they were able to showcase the game in March. Chandler Woodalso tweeted that there was a lot of information leading to Hogwarts Legacy being shown.

Can''t believe it''s already been two months since the State of Play! Im really excited about what was right now. Weve got some pretty cool stuff to show you later this summer.

We''re likely to see more of the Harry Potter mobile game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League or Gotham Knights than Hogwarts Legacy at Warner Bros Games.

Chandler Wood''s reasoning was denied by Reddit. He was originally a video game writer and claimed that he had followed the Summer Games Fest Twitter account for some time. So while his tweet stating that we''ll see more in the summer is worthwhile to check out, who he follows on Twitter is not.