How To Buy Or Build A House With Kenshi

How To Buy Or Build A House With Kenshi ...

Kenshi redirects players to a post-apocalyptic, open world without a linear story. This freedom means that there are numerous things to do with the harsh sandbox the game puts in front of them. However, they may soon become in need of a safe haven.

In this context, players have to purchase or build some shelter to alleviate the pain of making Kenshi''s steampunk world their new home. Throughout towns, players have the option to purchase structures to accommodate this requirement, while, out in the open, players can build themselves one. This guide is a great choice for Kenshi players who want to do it.

How to Buy a House in Kenshi

A home with Kenshi''s in-game currency, Cats, is the easiest option for a quick shelter. The first step in this process is to make sure that all of the property''s information is left-clicked. This box will give you a name, and information on whether the space is for sale, and when it is, the price you need to purchase it.

If players have enough in-game money to purchase the building, they can click the button in the bottom left box and confirm it in the screen. With this, the money will be deducted from the player and the house will be all theirs to repair and use. Kenshi is a brutal survival game, so it may be beneficial to start off with a base in a guarded location like a town.

How to Build a House in Kenshi

Players in Kenshi will have to travel far outside a town. First, select the building menu by clicking the appropriate button on the bottom right corner of the screen. This will include the building choices in the game''s main menu. The building''s silhouette will be highlighted as a brick wall, with a green backdrop indicating that the structure is viable.

Building a house is much less expensive, but it requires building materials. A small shack costs 5 Building Materials, which can be purchased at local stores for around 108 Cats each. Although Kenshi is one of the world''s longest open world games, getting a shelter will inevitably become essential. It''s a cheaper option, but it''s also putting players outside the range of NPC guards.

Kenshi is available on PC.