Quincy Crew joins KheZu in a swap and has been rescheduled on the Dota 2 roster

Quincy Crew joins KheZu in a swap and has been rescheduled on the Dota 2 roster ...

Quincy Crew is getting a reset button before heading into the final Dota Pro Circuit Tour of the 2022 season, combining with captain Maurice KheZu Gutmann.

After the team missed out on a trip to the Stockholm Major, this move came almost a month after they decided to do the same with Milan MiLAN Kozomara and Remus ponlo Goh Zhi Xian.

Quincy Crew is joining forces with @KheZu for the rest of this season. We want to thank him for his tireless effort, outstanding character, and outstanding leadership during this season''s challenges. We wish KheZu all the best possible results from this season. pic.twitter.com/ZDSO531KA5

KheZu joined QC as the teams coach for The International 10 last October, and following their ninth-place departure, he joined the roster as a player during the post-TI roster shuffle. QC finished first in the 2022 DPC Regional Final and the Spring Tour regional league, with the latter coming down to a three-way tiebreaker for the first place. QC lost 0-2.

The players and management of QC have had extensive discussions on KheZus'' future tenure on the roster, assuming that he did not depart the independent organization at the same time as the other players. However, there is unclear if any discussions involved him potentially swapping roles, waiting to see if other players would be available or if this decision was inevitable.

With KheZu missing, the team is once again left with its long-tenured core duo of Yawar YawaR Hassan and Quinn Callahan to helm whatever iteration of Quincy Crew comes to an end before the DPC roster lock on May 29.

Following the teams announcement, KheZu stated that this was not a mutual decision, and that he had been suspended from the Quincy Crews roster.

I''ve been kicked, and I believe I have been doing a lot for this team, giving all of my time and energy. The whole situation is sad and came as a surprise, as there was a different plannot sure what to say, im not here to pity myselfuncertain what I''ll do next, but I''m just feeling empty.

I believe that this team has spent a lot of my time and energy, according to KheZu. The whole situation is regrettable and came as a surprise, as there was a different strategy.

KheZu''s absence from the team appears to confirm that discussions with him continued, but the remaining players decided to go in a different direction until now. In turn, KheZu will not have much time to select a new team to compete with during the next DPC Tour, and he claims that he is uncertain about what he will do next.