Los Angeles Thieves beat Seattle Surge 3-0 in the Call of Duty League

Los Angeles Thieves beat Seattle Surge 3-0 in the Call of Duty League ...

The Los Angeles Thieves were completely eliminated on Saturday afternoon but the Seattle Surge was beaten to 2-1 in the third stage of qualifiers for the 2022 season.

After a rough outing at the CDL Pro-Am Classic that saw Seattle fall 0-3 in group play, including a 3-1 loss to Strike X, the team have turned their fortunes around in the season third stage. Seattle lost a close series to the Toronto Ultra in their first qualifiers 3-2, but are now struggling to show off a map.

In a nutshell, #DrownThemOut | #CDL2022 pic.twitter.com/OqXtxTr3Uu

Seattle is on their back, looking to be a championship contender, but on their back, a bottom four team. The Surge team that has not played in the last two matches, however, is a team capable of contending with OpTic Texas and Atlanta FaZe. Sib, who led Seattle in killing with a 1.40 K/D and more than 7,200 damage over the series three maps, believes that consistency is key to his team making deeper runs at majors.

After the match, we must do the right thing, and this is why, according to Sib. I think if we keep working on our craft and keeping our systems consistent, you will be straight.

Accuracy and Mack were among the major players in Seattle''s slaying division, scoring 1.32 and 1.44 K/Ds respectively. This series included an advantage for the Thieves, where 44 killed over three maps, while the Thieves had two players, Envoy and Kenny, with 0.563 K/Ds.

L.A., a team who made a run to the finals at the Pro-Am Classic earlier this month, has not reached the qualifying stage. They started off hot with a 3-0 victory over the London Royal Ravens, but have now been swept in back to back matches to fall to 1-2.

When Los Angeles takes on the Boston Breach on May 28 at 5pm CST, they will be back in action on May 27 at 3:30pm CST to face the Florida Mutineers.