ROKKR continues to make a good start in Call of Duty League Stage III Qualifiers

ROKKR continues to make a good start in Call of Duty League Stage III Qualifiers ...

Minnesota''s ROKKRs have had a solid start to the Call of Duty Leagues third stage in 2022, winning a tough battle with the Florida Mutineers with a score of 3-1.

Minnesota have had a good start to their 2022 campaign, but they have both been red-hot since signing Havok in April. Priestahh has also stepped up in the season third stage, achieving a strong run in the series four maps, while his teammate, Attach, was right behind him.

Minnesota''s ROKKR got off to an unusual start, with Gavutu Hardpoint, one of the Minnesotas'' stars, kicking the game around. He could only identify 10 people to each kill in the series'' first map. But he knew the series couldn''t be won in the first map.

Im not going to lie, I knew I was getting smoked. Which way, I said of himself and his team performance on the first map. For me personally, I try to avoid letting those kinds of things get to my head. Were going to the next map, reset, or anything in the past.

Minnesota, which have been one of the best teams in the league on Search and Destroy, took care of their business in that mode on Tuscan to tie the series at one map a piece. That followed up with a clutch performance in the Tuscan Control en route to a 3-2 map victory and a 2-1 series lead.

Despite Minnesota''s success on Search and Destroy and Control, they have struggled with pacing issues during Hardpoint. However, they played some of the season''s best Hardpoint to finish the series.

Both teams encountered a difficult blow after blow when each team was in front of the 200 point mark, where the map was basically tied. From the start, Priestahh put on an absolute show, including a huge killstreak to help the ROKKR close the map and series out in a 250-201 victory.

Minnesota have won a 4-0 in the qualifying stage and will be able to finish 5-0 in the next months major. A massive matchup with Atlanta FaZe, one of the world''s top teams, will be held on May 27 at 5pm CST. Florida are back in action on May 27 at 3:30pm CST when they face off with the Seattle Surge.